Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Year....

...I finished the Swank 6 minutes faster than I did this year, and it was 4ish miles longer last year. What does this tell me? Well, considering that last year I was on a single speed and actually racing, going hard when I could, and this year I was on a greared bike and trying to go at a slow steady pace, I am going to assume that my fitness has improved this year.

I don't have any scientific or well thought out reason for assuming this, and I usually don't assume but that is what I assume today. Someone tell me if I am way off.

So, I am taking this week off, then I will be jumping right into a training program that my coach wrote specifically for me.

The plan included some weights, stretching, running and hiking, speed drills and of course endurance rides. I am very excited to be starting a new program and it is great to know that every workout I am doing will be for a purpose. Much better than my previous philosophy of:" go fast, hard and long, and hope that I will do well in a race". With that plan, even my recovery days were too hard and fast!! Only 3.5 weeks until the sun starts setting later!!!! Have a great day!!!

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