Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow Day

It is currently snowing in the Asheville area!! The high today is supposed to be 32. With snow and probably ice on the roads, winds gusting to 25mph, and having been sick earlier this week, I am relegated to driving to work. I hope I can get back on the bike soon!!

World Bicycle Relief has some cool stuff going on. If you were ever going to donate, NOW is the time. Who doesn't like two for the price of one? You donate $135 for one complete bicycle, WBR sends two bicycles out into the community. $135, that's only $33.75 per week!!!!

You can donate here: Bicycles

In other news: has added me to their blog list. Check out their web-site to find lots of info on bicycle news.

UCI cyclocross races this weekend in Hendersonville!!! I'm not racing, only spectating, but expect to have a good time!!

Have a great day!!

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Anonymous said...

Will be sporting a WBR decal in the Asheville Holiday Parade. 8^)