Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Hero-ette

It's my birthday!! If you forgot that's ok. If you remembered that good too. I'm gonna celebrate by telling you about my hero.

My hero is a girl. She doesn't have a cape, or any real super powers,( well she does, but we won't talk about those here, it's a secret). My hero puts up with me, cooks for me, cleans, takes care of our kid. She is a CNA at a local nursing home. She feeds, cleans and dresses old folks. Then she comes home and reads to my kid. She gets up at times in the morning when it should not be legal for people to get up. She gets the kid ready for a day out in the cold, then she goes out, makes pb& j's for 500 people she doesn't know as they ride their bikes. Sometimes it's annoying, because she won't go away, she'll never go away, that is not annoying.

She takes care of the neighbors kids, without concern for her personal time, she pulls weeds in the garden, did I mention she puts up with me?

But this is not about me, this is about my hero-ette. This is the best birthday present I could have. My hero-ette, waiting for me at the next rest stop, at home after a long ride or a long day of work. Waiting, being, supporting.

I love you Rhonda,

Have a great day.


D-Dub said...

happy birthday stephen

Nancy said...

Happy B-day again! You are so blessed to have such an awesome hero-ette! Yes, you did mention she does put up with you. What a job!! Just kidding. Rhonda is awesome! See you all next week!

sirenbicycles said...

Happy Birthday!

Just cruised in from Chris Strout's blog. Great post. Good blogging, too.

have a great day