Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today I go to the dentist. I need to have a tooth crowned. We tried to fill it but it has too many cracks. Apparently, I clench, not grind, my teeth and this is causing them to crack. Similar to smashing concrete blocks together. Now I have to look into a mouthpiece to wear when I sleep. But, insurance doesn't cover those, even though it would help prevent thousands of dollars of dental work that the insurance co. will have to pay for, they won't pay $350 for a device that will prevent the damage that would have to be repaired. I'm not sure I understand.

I have to have two crowns, actually. One is older that needs to be replaced. The worst part is the needle they use to inject my gum with numbing agent. The needle is stainless steel and about two feet long, not including the foot long handle. Then they stick it into my gum until is rests against the jawbone.....I can't go on.

So, that's my sad story for today, if you want something a lot more exciting and innovative, go here, or here.

Have a great day

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