Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Hike

We loaded into the van yesterday to do some exploration on foot. Not sure exactly where we wanted to go, we headed out to Mills River and FS1206. I have ridden this road a lot, driven it a handful of times but never hiked it. We drove through the campground and headed up the road. There was still snow in the woods, and some ice on the road, but it was mostly muddy. The gate was closed at the intersection or FS 5051, so we parked. I had never been up FS 5051, I had no idea what was up there. I pulled the map out and realized where the trail went, and we started hiking.

We have not hiked much as a family, but plan to do more of it this year.

I was excited about exploring a new area and wanted to make it all the way up to the ridge line where the trail led, but I had to remember that if I made this a miserable experience for the kid, then that is exactly what it would be. We took it easy, walked slow, told "knock-knock" jokes, took short breaks, and kept walking. After about an hour of walking, Jubal was getting tired and slowing down. I decided that is was probably time to eat some lunch. I coaxed him a little bit farther and then we stopped.
Below is our lunch view:
After lunch we were messing around and spotted some snow still sitting in the shade. A snowball fight ensued. Actually it was mainly Jubal and I trying to hit Rhonda with snowballs....that was fun!

After lunch, we headed back down the road. We didn't get to the top, but for once that was not the goal. The goal was to get out and enjoy creation. That goal was accomplished. The sun was bright and warm, there was a slight breeze blowing. The views were something that would not be seen in the summertime, due to the leaves being gone. And we found a new place. A new place to hike, and a new place to ride!!

On the way home we refueled at Sonic with shakes and fries. We were gonna have tater tots, but they ran out....

2 hr hike, and family time, it was a good day!!

Have a great day.
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Chris said...

Too awesome! 5051 is where all my hiking photos have come from lately. Very fun!