Monday, November 19, 2012

Birthday Ride

 The weekend started off with the grand opening of The Bicycle Thrift Shop.  We had quite a lot of people stop by over the course of Friday and Saturday to buy some of the awesome stuff that we have for sale in the shop.  (not just marketing hype, its true, but you would have to see it for yourself).  Friday night, a bunch of folks hung out in the BAD ( Bicycle Arts District) and drank a few beers while enjoying the awesomeness that is Okie Dokies BBQ!!

Sunday, I headed out for a ride. 
 I joined up with a bunch of guys that I normally do not ride with.   It was good to get out for a social ride and celebrate my birthday on Laurel and Pilot.  While getting ready to leave, I got a call from the wife saying that the kid was sick and she had been called in to work that night.  She had planned a party for me which was now canceled, and my ride would be cut in half so that I could get home to watch the kid while she took a pre work nap.  Ah, the life.
 We meandered up Laurel, taking our time and socializing.   It was a great day to be out, but I was distracted by other stuff and was all over the trail, wobbly and missing lines.  I knew I needed to get it together before descending Pilot so I sat up, relaxed and focused on the positive.  I got my game face on, so to speak, and focused on riding my bike. It went much smoother after that and I started to enjoy the ride more.
Getting up to Pilot, I took the last place in line.  Riding my hardtail Siren, I was the only one without full suspension and these guys know how to rip.  I focused on following the lines through the switchbacks. I have been focusing on these turns recently as they are a limiter.  After discussing proper techniques with Mike from Suspension Experts a couple of weeks ago, I have improved and today was great.  I rode turns that I have not ridden before and the decent seemed to go by faster and smoother than before.

All in all a good day in the woods.

And then since my party was canceled, I had my ice cream cake from The Hop all to myself!

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