Friday, November 02, 2012

Day 6

 Going on day 6 of no riding,  and no desire to do any riding.  Well maybe about 1% desire.  But not much.   I'm tired,  possibly a little burned out.  I got to ride a lot this year, and had a great year, both by myself, with friends and with Trips For Kids WNC.  

So here I sit,  nice balmy 36 degree weather outside, and I look at my bikes.  I did take the time to clean up the Foundry, replacing the shifter cables and housing.  It shifts much better now,  at least it does on the stand.  
 And the Siren and SS CX bikes sit there, collecting dust.  I should probably clean those bottles soon.

And there hangs my trusty bikepacking steed,  waiting for another small window of time to open up so we can get out and explore.  In the meantime, exploring will be relegated to the internet.
Speaking of exploring, there appears to be a lot of gravel road between Big Creek and Hot Springs,  its just a little too far to explore on a daily basis....

So, here we are on day 6,  and with my schedule next week,  I might be going 14 days off the bike.  I'll listen to my mind and body and enjoy the down time.  Maybe go out and rake some leaves,  maybe not. 

Whatever I do,  you can read about it later on Facebook....

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