Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Eve/Day

Let's see, where was I? Oh yes, riding around Bent Creek in shorts again, the day before Thanksgiving.  Thinking about how at this time I was supposed to be riding on the Parkway for my annual trip from Asheville to Roanoke.  Thinking about how the weather this year was awesome and.....and then refocusing my train of thought.  Not thinking about what could have/should have been, but thinking about what I have.  A wife who loves me (and I love for the record) and a kid who feels the same.  Awesome.
So Thanksgiving day rolled around and we got to spend the time together.  There were no visits with family due to various reasons.  There was no turkey in the over, no traditional pie etc. I went for a ride in the morning.  Later in the afternoon the wife napped to prep for working the night shift.  The kid and I went to Starbucks to play war and Old Maid.  That was great.  
The kid and I decided to take the wife to Cracker Barrel so she could get some turkey and dressing.  I was torn about supporting a restaurant that was open on Thanksgiving Day, but we went.  With a 40 minute wait,  we didn't have time to stay.  We wound up at Waffle House and had the whole restaurant to ourselves.  We left an extra large tip and a cheery " happy holiday".

It was a great day!

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