Monday, November 26, 2012

The Weekend

 Some friends were in town and I had planned to take them on a road ride on saturday.  But with temps barely breaking 45 and sinusitus in full swing, I made the tough decision not to ride.  I felt bad about canceling but sent them a map and they later said they enjoyed the loop.  I sat around most of Saturday.  Took the family and the dog to Tractor Supply for rabies shot (for the dog) and stopped on the way home to pick out our Christmas Tree. 
Sunday rolled around and the wife was feeling the after affects of the mandatory flu shot that Mission requires of it's employees.  They say the shot will not make one sick but we have proof,  she is sick.  But, she was well enough to watch the kid while I got out for a ride.
 I met up with Tom of Motion Makers, Megan and Brian from Johnson City TN.  We had fun cruising around Bent Creek.  I love that place and while it is not techy like Pisgah Proper,  it will still teach a person how to climb and make the lungs burn.
 I got home in time for leftovers from our Thanksgiving "Feast" and played outside with the kid until our hands froze. 
I finally sat down and wrote out my training plan for the first half of the year.  I'm looking forward to racing again on a regular basis this year.  And hoping the timing is right for some bikepacking trips!!

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