Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve rolls around and I am awake at 6am, listening to the sound of rain hitting the metal roof on the half of the house that has metal roofing.  Then I start to wonder if the old part of the house/roof will leak or if the wet patch will continue to hold out.  That leads me into thinking about the next phase of our dream.  Who knows if it will become reality?  We really want to rebuild the roof on the original house, raising the pitch and adding metal roofing.  By doing so, not only will it match the rest of the house, but we will be able to raise the interior ceiling as well.

Its a bit of a daunting task because that involves calling construction people and hopefully finding someone who will quote a fair price and do what they say they will do.  I often consider doing it myself, but I want to make sure it is done correctly to insure resale value. 


The Wobblenaught fit seems to be treating me right.  I'm have a dull soreness all over.  I'm not sure how much to contribute to the fit and how much to wrapping gifts at REI for 4 hrs every evening over the past 8 days.   Tonight is the last night of wrapping, so I'll be able to get some rest from that.  One major thing I notice though is that it takes less effort to climb, and I am more balanced on the descents.  Another observation is my muscles, esp lower back don't feel tight after a ride.  We'll see if that changes once I do some longer/more intense rides, I don't expect it to.

And so, here we are,  Christmas Eve, drinking coffee, and looking forward to spending the day with my kid!!

Merry Christmas!

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