Monday, December 17, 2012

Th, Fri, Sat ,Sun

Wow.  What just happened?  A whirlwind hit and now it is Monday and I am most likely the only person in the universe who is glad that it is Monday. 

Here is the low down:
I was listening to Mountain Bike Radio and scored a Wobblenaught fit.  Wanting to do it right, I made arrangements to drive down to Atlanta to visit Eddie O'Dea of 55Nine Performance to get the fit done.  I also forked out the extra dough to have my road bike adjusted along with my mountain bike.  I was pretty excited leading up to the trip and on the way down.  I have had a couple of fits before, and they were great.  This was supposed to be more in depth and I was looking forward to it.
 I got to the studio and Eddie got to work.  The entire process with 2 bikes took about 4 hrs.  The first 1.5 hrs was spent measuring my body size, weight, arm, leg, torso length etc.  Standing, laying, squatting,  needless to say, the process was already very thorough.  After getting my cleats realigned, I got on the Siren and started spinning.  One of the benefits of the visit was having Eddie teach me proper techniques for pedaling, sprinting, etc.  The whole session was filled with tiny little tidbits of info, that when added together, make a lot of sense.  And then, we repeated the process with the Foundry. 

After that, I was hungry, and since it was on my way out, I met Jay Dillard at The Varsity: "What'll ya have!" But first I sat in traffic for 30 minutes, taking said amount of time to move 3 blocks.  I heart Asheville.

Friday:  unload the shop and load the trailer for the used gear sale.  Then go wrap gifts at REI,  we are doing that for free through Christmas eve.  Come see us.

Sat and Sunday:  Used gear sale at the NCCX races, and more gift wrapping.  

Today?  I have  a lot to do, but am determined to ride, even if it is on the rollers!

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