Monday, December 03, 2012


 This weekend was another whirlwind, but one of the first this year that included a ton of family time.  I aim to change that for next year. Saturday started with a ride, and ended with the kid's first basketball game and some Okie Dokies Smokehouse BBQ!

 Sunday was another ride.  I took a wrong turn and rode up the east side of Webb Cove Rd.  Wow,  it was supposed to be an easy ride, so I rode slowly.  I'm glad I found this beast.  The route was way better than the route I had planned, it will make a great 1.5 hr loop from my house, with two major climbs. Or longer.....   Nice.
Then I got home and went hiking with the family.  We hiked for close to 2 hrs.  It was awesome spring weather in December and  we wanted to take advantage of it.  The kid wanted to know if we could ride bikes on the Mountains to Sea Trail.....nope, but deep in my MTB heart there is hope that one day we will.  Foolish hope maybe, but its there.

We finished out the weekend by attending the Blue Ridge Bicycle Club's annual end of year meeting.  I love that club and the people that make it up.  It was cool sitting in the room full of people passionate about cycling of all kinds.  Marshal, the 75 yr old National Champion was in attendance, along with a bunch of other cool folks!

This week looks like another week of warm weather.  Get out and ride, or walk,  or lay in a hammock!

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