Wednesday, January 30, 2013

John Henry

 Dreams do come true.  Since I got bit by the bikepacking bug, I have been riding an aluminum frame.  While lighter than steel,  aluminum is very stiff, and that stiffness had me thinking about a steel frame.  I had considered a Niner but could not get away from the quality of a hand built Siren. 

After a long time of waiting, not knowing if I would ever have the funds for this frame,  it worked out, and within a couple of weeks, I was building it up.   The build went fairly easily,  I only had to make two trips,  one to Liberty to have a blue Cane Creek 110 headset installed, thanks Gabe,  and one to a friend a little closer to borrow a crown race puller.  The Frame arrived at 3pm and I had it built up by 8pm.  All of the parts transferred nicely, and I replaced the old chainring bolts with some Loaded blue one.   This bike will slowly be highlighted in blue.  (blue I-9's?)
 I built it up and rode it around outside.  It feels fits and it feels good.  I brought it back in, took some pictures and stared at it for a while,  then I sat on it,  looked at it, etc.   I had trouble deciding on color.  It took me about a week to decide, so I went for a ride one day to mull it over.  Then it hit me.  Clear coat.  Brendan Collier is the builder, and does a fine job.  "Performance Art" is his motto, and I figured "Why cover that up?".  I want to showcase the frame, and I also want something to look at in the hotel room, in the middle of a long ride when I'm feeling beat up.  I'm riding a piece of art over hill and dale.  So cool.
And then she started to look a little naked so I dressed her up proper.  And she looks good!  All dressed up and nowhere to go....well lots of places to go, just have to wait for the right time!!

Thanks Brendan and Mary at The Hub Cyclery for helping me get this rolling, and thanks to Liberty Bikes for helping me build it up.   (And thanks in advance to Salsa for the blue seat post collar and skewers..... ?)  Why not, its ok to dream.   After all, dreams do come true!

And lastly, thanks Rhonda for helping me fuel my wanderlust!

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