Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Humming Along

Life hums along and sometimes I can't remember exactly what consumed my time in the recent days, but I know I was busy, because I'm tired at the end of the day.

Training has taken a bit of an unexpected turn this week due to the monsoon rolling through.  Some roller time, but not enough.  Better than nothing.  There might be a little less rain today and I'm hoping to get out some.

I hope so, The Snake is coming up fast, and in maddition despite knowing better, I got this:
Message from the Event Director
Thank you for registering for the Pisgah 111K mountain bike race!

I need to finish it this year.  Last year was derailed due to sinus stuff.  I made it 50 miles. 

The Wobblenaught fit continues to treat me right.  I am halfway to the point where my body and mind should be mostly adjusted to the new fit and pedal stroke.  I'm starting to do some harder efforts, and while still feeling weak, I can also feel a little more power creeping in as the muscles develop.  Good stuff!

One last thought for the day.  As I was doing some volunteer work at my kid's school, I wondered just why more people don't volunteer,  anywhere.  I decided to throw out a challenge:  Commit to volunteering 12 times this year,  somewhere, for at least 1 hour.   If you do, I promise, it will change your life!!   If you need ideas on what to do, contact me.

Have a great day! 

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Mike said...

Stephen- you know I volunteer when I can, so take that into account with my comment:
People who work 50 plus hours a week at a job that sux and have kids and all that have different agendas-I know you have kids, but your success in creating a lifestyle/ job is what makes volunteering so do-able for you.

Mike B