Friday, January 18, 2013

Cold January Rain

It was cold but the forecast said that I had a 3 hr window of no rain.  The temps were mid 40's so I dressed with long sleeves and a vest.  I would later wish that I had a jacket. 

The air was cool but I was excited to be riding outside.  A huge rainstorm was moving into the region and I knew that it might be several days before I could ride outside again,  so I went for it. 

Pedaling south on the parkway, I enjoyed the bare trees and the sights of winter in the woods.  Once I reach the gravel and started climbing, it felt good.  I paced myself, knowing that I had a ways to go.  but I never faded.  I felt good, and stayed that way for the whole ride. 

Finally a break through.  Roughly 30 days after my new fit and things were starting to click.  I managed a steady pace and ground up the gravel,  coasting the downhills,  easing into the corners and spinning through the climbs.  Occasionally, I stood up to get over the top of a steeper climb. 

Halfway through the ride, I was cold.  It had started raining 30 minutes into the 3 hr ride and now I was wet.  I wished I had my jacket to cover my arms.  My core was warm, but my cold arms some of the fun out of the ride.  I cut the ride short and headed  home,  satisfied.

It was one of those good rides that will linger in my memory and motivate me to keep going forward.

Keep moving forward.

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