Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dr Appt

I go to the doc today for a physical and I am nervously anxious.   Don't get me wrong here,  I don't have a problem with doctors,  I have more than a few friends who are doctors and I respect what they do.  

What I have a problem with is my thought process.

First, I go to the worst case scenario.  I haven't had a physical in 4 years, due to not having health insurance.  That's a long time.  Who knows what is happening inside my body.  Tumors, disease, etc could be spreading.......ok,  I'm a little skeerd.

Then the doc comes in, asks questions, hmmms  a lot,  makes notes and decides to take some bloodwork, " just to check some things".  

Really?   Like what?  Why so secretive?  So I don't freak out?  I'm already freaking out, so tell me what I should be freaking out about, and so on. 

Then comes the next waiting period,  waiting for the bloodwork lab results.   It takes up to a week.  That's another 7 days of freaking out, without knowing what to freak out about!!

After that, I get the e-mail that says everything looks fine.    Really?  All that freaking out about nothing?  Typical human being.....

Here's to hoping everything is all right.

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Anonymous said...

What, no Mr. Jelly Fingers? No oil check? I thought that's why you were nervous...now that you're deep in the "Masters" category. Ha Ha.
-Tony Z.