Wednesday, January 23, 2013


So,  apparently, things have changed quite a bit since I last had a physical.  One of the first things the doc asked is why I was there and what I expected.  I told him that I wasn't really sure what to expect but was under the impression that a human was advised to have a physical yearly, getting blood work, urine sample etc.

(this rant is not directed at doctors,  I have lots of friends who are doctors, and I love and respect them.  This is directed to "the system".)

After some discussion, where I admittedly got lost in confusion,  I left with the understanding that things have changed and a yearly physical is no longer needed.  If fact I felt like the doc was confused as to why I was wanting a  physical since I had nothing wrong with me.  I agreed,  if I don't need anything done, I won't have it done.

He said I could have blood work done if I wanted to but I would have to come back after fasting for at least 8 hrs.   I don't remember them telling me that when I scheduled the appt, but if they had told me, I'm sure I would have come prepared. 

Which brings up several questions and puts me further in doubt of the health insurance rip off.   Is the medical field so overwhelmed that medicine is not pro active,  watching for signs and symptoms of severe diseases such as cancer, heart disease etc?   Do we wait for the symptoms to surface before we get concerned?  

Or as an athlete am I more in tune with my body?  Listening to every ache and pain and researching to figure out what is going on inside? 

And why am I paying hundreds of dollars a month for something that I don't necessarily need?  Just in case........  hmm ,   so many questions, so little time.

I vote for a society that is more pro active and less concerned about making money off of "what if".

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