Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Canoe Trip

 Sunday, we finally got the chance to take our new canoe out on the lake for a trial run.  After a quick stop at REI to get the kid some polar fleece clothes, we were off.  All he had was cotton and there was no way with all of my wilderness training, that I could let him go out on the water on a cold day like this wearing "the death fabric"

We launched and started paddling.  I was very surprised and please at how stable the boat was and how easily it moved through the water.  There was  a breeze kicking up as we made our way all the way across the lake to the far side where we stopped and  had lunch on the shore.

It was so exciting to hear the kid's exclamations, this being his 3rd canoe trip ever, there is lots for him to discover, and lots for me to rediscover! 
After about 2 hrs of paddling around, we headed back to the boat launch to call it a day.  I was also happy that the kid did not complain once about anything for the 2 hrs!  Success.

I cannot wait to get on a river with him.

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