Thursday, January 03, 2013


I'm racing in two days.  I'm pumped, and nervous.  I have not done any consistent racing in the past couple of years.  It is exciting to get back into it and I look forward to continuing to improve. 

My best time at the Snake is 3:58, in 2008 on a single speed,  that was the first year I started training with HRM.  I was not able to beat that time since,  even after moving to a geared bike.  This is the first time the Siren will be heading down there so I look forward to seeing how things go. 

I don't have high expectations though, its been a rough month.  Weather,  sickness,  some weird swelling in hands, knees and feet (possibly a reaction to shrimp).  I'm just going to go out and have fun,  enjoy the ride and the company.  After that, who knows, I'll have 4 more weeks of training under my belt for the next one!

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