Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Crazy Stuff

I called Charter Internet service last night because our rates are going up. We have had the introductory rate for two years. I wanted to see if they would extend it for another year. We have Vonage telephone and the option is to switch phone and Internet to ATT. That would cost about $5-10 more. Before I can even beg for another year of intro rate, the woman tells me that we should have been receiving the discounted rate ( even thought the "discount" is $7 more than my current rate"?!?!?). She tells me that the computer does it automatically and we have to fool the computer .... and blah blah blah.

I always try to be nice to the reps as I am sure that they get the full brunt of people's rage. She finally gets things worked out and asks if I need anything else. I ask her to authorize my wife, Rhonda. She promptly does this and tells me that there is a song that was written about Rhonda. I say, " yeah, Beach Boys, Help Me Rhonda", to which she responds that if I know that song then she can probably figure out how old I am. I agree and try to say goodbye and thanks. Then it started to feel weird. She wanted to keep talking about it. I tried to say goodbye again, she tried to keep talking, I said thanks and goodbye. I think she said goodbye, but I did not wait around to find out. Weird.

The deck roof project has stalled out. I have been calling the electrician and Progress E trying to figure out the cheapest way for me to spend money that I don't have and did not intend to spend. I called Everitt from PE yesterday and told him I would wait at my house all morning if he could come by. He said he would call around 7-7:15am. He didn't call, he showed up, at 7am. I'm not complaining. I'm glad. He told me that they could get the truck back there. I could have told him that.
So, now the electrician has to come back out and give me another quote, the cheaper one. I asked him if he was tired of coming out there. He said " Money is money". I could not disagree.
Have a great day.

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