Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Giving up yourself for someone else. That's what I did last night. Then rode the rest of the race by myself, and enjoyed it.

The pace has picked up and no one told me to bring a bigger gear. What in the world? I could barely hang on again, and did not manage to place at all. In the final race of the night, the points race, I was able to pull my teammate Annette Kamm back up to the lead group. After that, I watched the pack slowly attempt to lap me. I still raised my arms as I crossed the finish line.

Fun times!!!

The pack coming through turn four. You can see me tucked in behind the Kurt on the far right.
Stretching. You gotta keep smiling.
Warming up on the rollers.

Have a great day.

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D-Dub said...

good job stephen!