Saturday, May 17, 2008


So, I have been making phone calls between some electricians and Progress Energy. It seems that it would be easier for Progress E if I had the power meter moved to the left side of the house ( as in, left side facing the back, see below). But that will cost me an extra $300-$500. I decided that I am not going to pay $500 to make some dude's job easier, when he gets paid well for what he does. I'm all about giving people a hand and doing things the easy way, but when it costs me more than I really have, I don't feel inclined.
I also decided to follow the electrician's advice, and have the meter moved to the right side of the door, on the back of the house. The only problem with this is that Progress E will have to drive their bucket truck into my yard, to make the changes to the incoming power lines, and will likely leave giant ruts. That will be easily remedied with fill dirt though.
In addition, there was a branch that would be in the way once the new power lines were installed. So I went to town on that branch and opened up the area. Below you can see pictures. In the first and second picture you can see the white spot on the tree where I cut the limb.
In the middle of the third and fourth picture you can see the weird animal that must have been building a nest in the tree. I am not sure what species it is, but it looks to be some sort of mammal. Not a squirrel, although sometimes it chatters like one, and sometimes it screeches like a Nazgul!! I might set a live trap to see if I can capture it.....

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Eddie Christy said...

Make sure you have a good host home after you catch that thing. They've been known to stay for 18 years or more...