Thursday, May 29, 2008


What was it I said yesterday about being taken advantage of?

Last night, 8:20pm someone knocks on my door. In my neighborhood, people don't knock on your door at 8:20pm. Surprised, I go to the door, look through the window and see a 20 something guy standing there. I go out on our porch and ask if I can help him. (first mistake). He reaches behind his back and I think to myself " He's got a gun". His hand comes back around with a laminated card about 10"X4". It has his picture and a paragraph describing something about a $20,000 savings bond. He says he is on a points drive. He is working towards starting his own machine shop and needs this bond to start his own small business. Knowing that it is a scam but confused as to what he wants, I say, " So, what do you want from me. ( second mistake). Again, he reaches behind him. Again, I think" He has a gun", and I get ready to throw down.

Lucky for him, he pulled out a tattered little booklet. I am not sure what the booklet is for but at that point my gut tells me" fight or flight". Not wanting to beat someone to a bloody pulp on my porch, I choose flight. I tell him" I don't think we are interested". I go in the house, lock the door and call the Sheriff's dept. ( I still have the number memorized from 4 yrs ago when our car was stolen). The Dept. said that there had been one other phone call already, and that a unit was en route to check it out.

Have a great day.

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Eddie Christy said...

They're selling magazines. Same deal, same card, same everything at my house last week. I ran him off because A. I didn't want him on my porch trying to sell me crap and B. Nashville doesn't allow soliciting without a permit. I don't dig traveling sales people.