Monday, August 25, 2008

New Truck

Well, after a long time of praying, saving, waiting, thinking, waiting, praying etc, we brought a new truck home last night. We got a gracious deal on a truck with less than 100,000 miles and no oil leaks. I have to acknowledge the fact that this would not have been possible without God's grace.

This event in out life has caused me to stop and ponder. Did I do something good to deserve this? Do I deserve this? What am I doing right? I try repeatedly to figure it out. But it is not me, it is my Creator. It is not about deserving something, or storing up holy brownie points. It is a gift that I did not earn or work for.
Same goes for the past 4 months of trouble with the deck roof, permits, electrical, dentist bill, etc. I believe those were also gifts, situations that were provided to make me stronger.
"Every good and perfect thing is from God"
And I learned some good and perfect things from the roof project!!!

Speaking of the electrical work, the electrician called today and said the inspection should happen tomorrow. After that Progress energy can move the main connection and the maybe, just maybe, I can finish the roof!!!

Have a great rainy day!!!
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Anonymous said...

You were already blessed - just had to wait for one that matched your bike! T