Friday, August 08, 2008

Riding with Champions

Last night's Bent Creek ride was fun. I have been wanting to ride with folks who like to keep it moving. Stopping and chatting is fine, but for me, I only get to mtn bike 1-2 times per week, I like to push myself.

I pulled into the parking lot at Rice Pinnacle, got dressed and ready to go. Phil and Kylie pulled up and asked if I wanted to join them. Heck yes!!! I hoped to keep up. Kylie just got 3rd place at U23 National Mtn Bike Championships!! I couldn't keep up with her, but was able to hang with Phil on his downhill rig, until we hit the downhills. Then I was able to hang with Kylie, we were having a slow speed, small air comp!!! Fun Stuff.

I got a bill in the mail from the Buncombe County Tax collector's office. Apparently the tax on my truck is due. So, I have to scrounge up the $6.83 that I owe. Freaking ridiculous. I bet with man hours and everything involved, it cost way more than that to even send me the bill!!!

I'm NOT racing this weekend, but I am on a secret mission to try my new nutrition plan on the mtn bike. I'll let you know how it goes!!!1

Have a great day.

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