Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Not Just Me

This is an excerpt from an interview with Georgia Gould that I read on Cyclingnews.com: "I remember racing and being really hot. I was getting tired and starting to get sloppy on the downhills. It's hard to distinguish that from getting tired at the end of a race when you've been going all out.
"I didn't know I was feeling different until the last climb when my body just shut down. I couldn't stay on my bike. I couldn't walk with my bike. I remember looking around for a tree I could just crawl under. I thought, 'Screw the bike, where's a tree?'"
"When people found me, I was lying there all slow, and I had to think about what month it was and where I was. It was the most crazy experience of my life. My brain was working so slowly and I didn't feel like myself at all."

Wow, that sounds familiar. She explained it well.

Saturday is going to be a sad day for me. I found a buyer for my single speed mtn bike. It is a sweet bike that took me all over the forest, and I'm definitely going to miss it.

The roof project is moving along again, finally. I picked up the permit yesterday, to which I had added an electrical permit. The electrical contractor called me to let me know that the wrong company was listed. I had to go back to the permit office to have them change the name. So the permit is posted now and I can go to work. My plans were approved, with a couple of minor changes.

Unfortunately I have a lot going on right now, and I won't be able to find much time to work on it. I need to find out if the permit expires.

Bent Creek ride tonight. I'm a little burned out on Kitsuma, so I'm looking forward to cruising around Bent Creek!!!

Have a great day.

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