Friday, August 01, 2008


I got home from my mtn bike ride last night and was greeted with a box from nuun, the electrolyte replacement company. Apparently, somehow they found my blog about the Hot Doggett, and were so please that I was complementing them on the WWW, they sent me some product.
Thanks nuun!!!!!

So, you ask, what is so special about nuun? I have tried other sports drinks but have not found any that work. The main reason that I tried nuun is that they don't use sugar as a sweetener. They also use all natural ingredients. nuun is easily portable in the little tubes, which are waterproof, and it tastes great. I have only tried lemon lime but they also have berry, orange and cola flavors. The innovative company also just added a somewhat larger tube containing larger tabs which match the size of a hydration pack bladder. Oh yeah, and it's a little bit fizzy!!!! Try it, you won't be disappointed.

Last night I hit Kitsuma again. Some of the staff from camp wanted to go, and knowing that it would be slow going, I went early to get one loop in by myself. My first loop took about 1 hr, and after waiting for 20 minutes for the guys to show up, we hit the trail again. We made it through the single track, and turned left to go up old us 70. One of the guys is not accustomed to riding hills. About one third of the way up, in a weak voice, as darkness was closing in around us, he asked" how much farther?". We laughed at him, then I dropped back and pushed him most of the rest of the climb. Good workout for sure.

Have a nuun day!!!!
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