Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ending and Beginning

The air in the WNC moutains has the smell of fall in it. This is a sad time of year for me. I guess more melancholy than sad. Then end of summer, daylight getting shorter. Temps cooling off.

And this year, the little one goes to Kindergarten, his first year of all day school.

We went to "meet the teacher" last night and I felt really bad for the kids. It was utter chaos. When we left his eyes were big and round and he affirmed his nervousness by telling us. I assured him that school would be much calmer than that. Half of those kids were brothers and sister of his classmates and they wouldn't be there.

And then there is Rhonda, who has been with the kid almost non-stop( except for the past two years of preschool where he went only in the morning). Big changes.

I have been thinking about kids, and why we have them. This reasoning might change some day but for now it makes the most sense. We have them, not to keep them, not to make us happy, but to teach them well, send them into this world to make this world a better place.

We teach them what is right, and we have to let them go. If we hold on to them, then they don't reach their fullest potential. And that potential might not be what we had intended for them to do.

Kids have a mind of their own and their generation is so different, yet still the same. But the way they do things will be different, hopefully better. And they will make mistakes. But, that is ok, because we are people, and people make mistakes. I hope that I can give him the tools to move on when he does make mistakes.

So here is to you class of 2023!!! I look forward to what you have to offer!

Have a great day.

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Anonymous said...

Well said! Great outlook on the building of a man! My son and grandson! Go Jubal, Go! Thanks, Stephen for sharing your view. Dad