Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Back at it after a computer virus took us out for the weekend.

Saturday I went on a long ride on the Siren. That bike rides like melted butter...smooth and creamy. I left from my house, took the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Aroboretum, a nice big loop on some single track and gravel road. Halfway through the ride, I stopped by the campground to refill my water bottles. The good news: I felt good the entire time. I was sweating, and my stomach felt fine. 4 hours later when I got back home I still felt fine. Sweet. Maybe I'm getting somewhere.
I'll be doing a 3 hour ride today after work with more tempo pace, another good test.
After 3 days of more intensity and one long day last week, I can definitely feel what my legs have not been getting. I'm not sure why I thought I could go without the longer rides, but I did.
Another thing that I am sure is helping is cutting back on coffee. Don't panic, I'm fine, I have not lost my mind. I still love coffee. ( Kinetic Koffee ).
My fried Joel recommended trying a good strong cup of joe in the morning and then no more during the day. I was accustomed to a cup in the morning at home, then a few more in the morning at work. He told me that he had similar issues in the past and when he cut back, things improved.
Well, it appears that things are improving, I'm keeping my fingers crossed....well, not really because it would be hard to type and do other things with my fingers crossed, but you get the idea.
I'm also sleeping better. Imagine that!!! Thanks for the tip Joel!!
Have a great day!!

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LowCountry Joe said...

glad to hear you are rolling smoother...happy to read the cutbacks helped some...the downside is that when 9pm comes around, you will have an overwhelming desire to sleep no matter what...but its good healthy REM sleep...cheers!