Friday, October 01, 2010

Day 31

That's right,  I've been without a job for 31 days.  Pretty crazy, I didn't think we would last this long, but it's amazing how far a dollar can stretch.   We are being pretty creative with eating, and pinching penny's.  The savings will run out at some point, but until then.....

It's amazing how busy I have been too.  I have a couple of projects I'm working on.  One involves a lawyer, the other involves "true grit".... if you don't know, you'll have to wonder.  I'm not ready to spill the beans.  Both will be equally exciting and as much as I want to reveal, the time is not right.  Stay tuned.

I messed around with the tarp in the backyard some more and found a style I like.  It is pretty versatile, with an awning that can be raised or lowered, depending on need/precipitation/wind etc.  I'll post some pictures one day. 

I got a cold this week too, so I have not been on the bike a lot, but it was good to take some time off too.  I'm tired of hammering and trying to go faster,  time to just enjoy the ride.  

Take A Kid Mtn Biking Day on Sunday,  check with your local chapter of SORBA,  and don't miss out on the fun!!!

Have a great day.

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