Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Waiting in anticipation of things to come.  Waiting is an important function in life that most of us attempt to avoid at all costs.  What is it about waiting that we don't like? Inconvenience?  Not part of our plan?   I'm not sure, but I'm very familiar with it.

Most of the time, what it boils down to is waiting on someone who is on a different timeline than us.  Waiting for food, waiting for the UPS guy,  waiting for the weekend, ( who invented the 5 day work week anyway? It should be no more than 3.5 days). 

So, what do you do when you wait?  Read a book? Small talk?  Force the issue or enjoy the moment? 

I typically force the issue, and have found that it rarely ends well.  I can be as stubborn and driven as the next guy, and I can get the job done, but if the time is not right, things tend to fall apart. 

This time around, I am embracing the wait.  I have never really slowed down long enough to embrace it, to feel it.  It is different than shunning it, or replacing it.  It's a new frontier really, waiting,  exciting in a weird sort of way. 

Consider the crops.  Ideally, a farmer waits for the crops to grow before harvesting.  What does he do while waiting? Something else.   I'm going to do just that.  I'll tend to matters when needed, but while the wait continues, I'll do something else.

Very exciting.

Have a great day.

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Julia said...

I'm right with you- tending to force the issue rather than just wait for the right time.
You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing!