Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pushing On

I'm pushing on through the clouds of discouragement that surround.  It's a bad time right now, but the upside is I'll be able to identify with more people now. 

In 3 weeks, we will not have health insurance.  I have never gone without health insurance but will be joining the 86.7 millions Americans ( over the past two years) who have been without health insurance.  Kind of a scary place to be for me, but other have managed, and I'm sure I can too.  

From September 2, 2010:
"The Creator has something in the works and I need to embrace patience in a way that I never have before".
 Sometimes my eyes fall from the bigger picture, and my faith waivers.  I start to look around at the waters raging around me, start to panic and start to sink.  Life is not progressing where I want it to, where I need it to.  I'm not getting anywhere and I'm attempting to accomplish goals on my own power.

I take a deep breathe and exhale,  then do it again. 

It's time to test my faith and the theory that if my Creator cares for me, I will be provided for,  in every way,  despite my circumstances,  good or bad...

Have a great day.

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Alyssa Ast said...

I know from experience it is rough not having insurance as a safety net. Hang in there :)

Alyssa Ast