Monday, October 11, 2010

Here We Go

I'm finally feeling normal, only a tiny bit of cough left over, but my energy level seems to be sustaining.  My recovery indicates that I did have more than sinus, and Rhonda tells me she thinks I had the flu.....Swinus Flu?

Saturday, I left the fam and went to Enka/ Candler Fire Dept to help out with a bike rodeo.  It is  a really cool activity targeted towards kids that helps them practice signaling, stopping, balancing and how to be safe on a bicycle.  We had roughly 70 kids come through.   There is such a huge need for more bicycle education.

After coming home, we were all tired so we went to the soccer complex to watch soccer,  after going by Sonic for some milkshakes ( I had peanut butter). 

As we were sitting there, we smelled cigarette smoke.   Smoking is now banned in city and county parks so I walked over to the guy, sitting 15 feet behind us and said"  Hey man, do you mind not smoking.  Especially since its illegal.". 

I had noticed this guy when we first arrived at the park.  Sitting alone on a bench, in the shade, with sunglasses and a 4 inch cross hanging around his neck.  He apparently was not with anyone, as I didn't see him talk to anyone the whole time we were there.  He spent most of the time doing something on his lap top. Red flags were going up everywhere.

So, he put the cigarette out and I went back to chilling.   A few minutes later, I turned around to check on him and he was gone.  Finding that odd, I looked around the park.  He had moved to the other side of the square, in a spot where, I had to move around to find him, as if he intentionally was hiding from me.  When he saw me looking, he yelled"  Mind your own business".   A few minutes later, wanting to keep an eye on him,  I looked and he was gone.  Scanning the park, I saw that he had moved again.....this to another spot where he could see me but it was difficult to see him.....creepy.  

Nothing more developed, but keep your eyes open and stay safe!

The rest of the weekend, was spent with family and helping a friend out.  Nothing too exciting.  This week should find me busy with some things and hopefully a bike ride!!!

Have a great day.

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