Friday, September 19, 2014


I've been tired,  dragging,  unmotivated.  Part of me was even dreading Pisgah Monster Cross last week and now Pisgah MTB Stage Race next week.   Trying to rest, taking time off the bike helped a little. 

When Thursday rolled around, I decided to go on one last THRN with Liberty Bikes.  Kevin, Jonathon, Shota and Mark (?) showed up.   We rolled out at 5:30pm,  early because of the impending sunset.  I made sure I focused on my pedal stroke.  I had realized before Monster CX that I had let my pedaling technique slip.  Quite possibly the reason that I had cramped up on the last two THNRs. 

At some point during the ride, Kevin and I had a quick talk about my perspective.  I realized that it was a strong possibility that I was psyching myself out with negative thought trains.  He agreed.  I decided to chill out.  I relaxed my pedal stroke too,  then shifted a couple of gears and relaxed.  Over the next few miles, things changed for the positive.  I was rolling along smoothly, using less effort, and...... having fun. 

Identifying the warning signs of negative thought patterns and negative habits can be difficult,  but once realized, and positive change becomes the focus,  quality of life can improve quickly.

I realized that my pedal stroke was fine,  I had just been trying to push too big of a gear, causing me to put to much effort into the ride. 

As the ride went on,  I continued having fun.  My thoughts turned to the stage race and I started getting excited.  I got home, fired up.   And now, I'm really looking forward to lining up next week with some fast locals, out of towners and apparently some international riders.  I've been needing a break from the daily grind (which is something else I love and sometimes put too much effort into),  and next week is going to be great!

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