Monday, September 08, 2014

More of this.

Did some more of this over the weekend.  We didn't make it to the Mountain State Fair yet.  I'm not disappointed.  

I got a good ride in on Sunday morning.  I'm feeling worn out and so just rode a steady easy gravel grinder pace, and felt a little better.   It is hard this time of year.  The darkness closing in earlier,  getting used to the school schedule again.  No more sleeping in. 

One week until Monster CX.  I'm looking forward to it,  its  a huge ride, but super scenic. I gotta focus on resting, but that's hard with an energetic 10 yr old who is bouncing off the walls!  I'll rest one day, I suppose.

Bikepacking has taken a backseat for a little while.  Too many events this month.  I'm thinking about riding out the Monster CX to camp the night before.  I'll see what the weather looks like. 

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