Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stage 4

The day went about as I had hoped.  Still 2nd in single speed, I followed Mike and Dave.  Mike is too strong for me to keep up with, so I decided to stick with Dave and make sure we finish together so I can hold on to 2nd place.   Dave was pushing the pace, even on the hike a bikes but I was fine.  At the top of the first climb he pulled over and had  to tighten a skewer.  I rode on and was able to ride my pace the rest of the day. 

I was a bit fatigued from trying to stay away on stage 3.  I wanted to conserve as much as possible so I could have some fight left for Stage 5.  It was a long hard day through some of the best single track we have. 

I had trouble riding anything moderately techy and did a lot of walking.  But,  I kept moving forward.  I knew that 3rd place was close behind.  If he caught me,  I would be forced to ride his pace again. 

I got to the last 8 mile stretch of gravel and held a steady pace to the end. 

Mike got another 15 minutes or so on me, and I beat Dave by 6 minutes.  Not enough to be comfortable on Stage 5.  I'm stressing myself out a bit. I need to chill and just ride with Dave.   If I can ride the technical stuff today, I might be able to get a lead on both of them once we get to Farlow/Daniel.  But I gotta be patient and not blow up.

Here goes!

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