Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stage 2

Game Face
The day started moderately.  I got in the lead group and was quickly caught by Michael, 1st place SS and Dave, 3rd place SS  was right behind me.  The 3 of us wound up and around Thrift Cove heading to Sycamore.  The pace was a little higher than I would have liked, but I decided to hang on until we got back to the pavement. 

Michael bobbled and I took advantage,  putting pressure on the pedals and pulling away.  And then I was on my own.  I decided not to push too hard, but stay steady.  I knew that if I was on the run all day, I would push too hard and blow up,  not what I was going for. 

By the time we completed the short loop, they had reeled me in, passed me, and I let them go.  Had to maintain my pace. 

The day went by fairly uneventfully.  I caught up to Dave at the bottom of Avery Creek.  He had crashed.  I hated to pass him like that,  I made sure he was ok, and motored on.  Once I got on Clawhammer, I saw him through the trees.  I pushed a little harder,  beating him to the line by 7 minutes.  I didn't see Michael again until the finish,  he gained another 15 minutes on me, totally about 25 mins.  A lot of time, but a lot can happen.  I'm not gonna stop fighting!

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