Friday, September 12, 2014

Liberty Bike THNR

Ol' Kevin Hessler took off on a business trip this week so it was up to me to lead the ride.  I showed up along with 7 other hearty souls.

  I was (am) tired and unmotivated.  The long summer wears me out and I ignore it until my body tells me its time to slow down.  I've spent this week off the bike and it felt like it.

We rolled out under sunny skies and humidity. 

It was not a fast ride, but it definitely was not slow either.  I focused on my pedal stroke, something that I realized I had not been focusing on enough lately.

Halfway through the ride, we could see the large dark cloud crowding the horizon.  It was going to be a race to the end.  Everyone was taking pulls on the front,  not just short ones either.   Impressive.   Everyone also had great bike handling skills.  No sketchiness on the ride tonight.

As we rounded the bend onto Mills Gap Rd, the sky grew dark.  We pushed on, opting to go straight to Sweeten Creek Rd and then right on Sweeten Creek.  I had a white light on the front, so the group consensus was that I pull.  Great,  I hope I didn't go too slow.

Up and down Sweeten Creek,  to the Parkway.  We split up and I rode the rest of the way home alone, in the closing darkness.  Thunder rumbling off in the distance and water still standing on the road from the recently passed storm.  Somehow we had managed to miss the rain.

I think I'm going to retire....except for Pisgah Monster CX.

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