Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stage 1

Stage 1 details

Ok,  these are going to be short, because I don't have much time.  Maybe I'll come back later and fill in some more details.

We lined up in 48 degree weather this morning and rode down 6 miles of pavement.  I didn't know what to expect since this was my first time single speeding the stage race.  I decided to keep my pace withing what I knew I could ride.  I rode the first 1/3rd with Joe.  He's just out there riding,  I admire his attitude.   Coming up from Florida,  there is a lot more climbing than he is accustomed to.  He did alright.

I said hey to Jason and rolled on.   I was feeling good, and kept reminding myself not to get caught up in the race,  just to ride my own pace, and enjoy.

The woods are amazing right now.  Fall is definitely in the air,  acorns all over the trail like treacherous little marbles.

My pace paid off.  Halfway down Black Mountain Trail, I passed a single speeder.  This put me in second for the day.  Sweet!  I am sitting about 10 minutes behind first,  and 1 minute ahead of 3rd!

Fun times.   Can't wait to go for another ride tomorrow.

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