Friday, October 31, 2008

Cycling News

I made it into, scroll down to the Oktoberfest article!!!

Have a great weekend.

Max Heart Rate

According to an simple stress test that I took at home, my estimated max heart rate is 185. At this point this means nothing to me. I am waiting for a book to come in the mail that will hopefully give me some guidance as to how to train properly with the HRM.

This morning on the 28 degree ride to work I used the HRM for the first time. My initial discovery is that I have been riding too hard too long. I was able to slow down and I felt really good for the whole ride. I'm excited to see what kind of improvement this change of pace will bring.

Have a great day!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm taking my training up a notch. I realised this year, that while I have improved my skill, and nutrition, I have leveled off in the fitness arena. At this point in my cycling career there are a couple of options. I could hire a coach to guide me through a training program. If I hired a coach ( which I simply don't have the money for) he/she would most likely want me to get a good heart rate monitor (HRM).

An HRM is a handy tool that monitors the heart rate, obviously. But it does more than than. It averages the heart rate for the day, week and month. It can be programmed to sound an alarm if I go over a certain HR or below an HR. It can also be programmed for intervals or tempo rides etc. It seems like a pretty cool tool.

Now I have to figure out how to use it!!

I am actually reading through the instruction manual. The manual tells me to do the Fit-Test: walk around a 1/4 mile track 4 times to total 1 mile. The HRM will then tell me what my current fitness is and we will take it from there.

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Cold?

I rode my bike this morning. It was the coldest ride this fall. But, I think I have reached clothing nirvana.

The first 3 miles of my ride is mostly downhill and while I was chilly, I was not cold. There are a couple of flats and short hills that I can use to get the blood flowing and warm me up.
I got to the midway point of my ride and was toasty warm. I started wondering if I was going to be too warm, it was only 35 degrees!!!
I managed to get to work, not overheat, not freeze. I was just right. We'll see what happens when the temps drop another 5 degrees.
Here is a pictures of the start of the National MTB Oktoberfest 8hr. I would love to get this printed and get all the pros to sign it.

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two more pictures

This must be somewhere shortly after the start, I'm not muddy yet!!

300 yards into the start:

Snow Day

Yippeeee!! It's snowing and WNC is freaking out!!!! I gotta go get some bread and milk!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures in Random Order

The cyclocross race

My ride

Cruising on single track

The last grunt on the 8hr endurance loop

The one and only Andy Applegate ( Cannondale) in orange and white,

and Harlan Price ( Independant Fabrications) in green and white.

I was 17th going into the first mile, I placed 16th....

Just after the start of the 8hr race

Some single track

Joshua and Tinker( Cannondale/ Mona Vie ) Juarez- Stephen and Jubal Janes

Jeremiah Bishop ( Trek/ VW) and Jubal Janes

Checking in at the time trial

Morgan and Jubal: 1st place female and male: equal prizes!!!

Jubal and his pit crew before the start of his race

Proud daddy: Jubal took this photo

Have a great day!!!

It WAS fun!!!

Friday: We got to see Jubal perform at school. Some really cute songs sung by his class of little kids. As soon as he exited the stage, we grabbed him and hit the road for Davidson. We arrived at Fisher Farms Mtn bike trails shortly after 1 pm.

I had offered my services to help out with set up and the short track race on Friday, then race the 8 hr race Saturday, and the time trial and cyclocross for Sunday were up in the air.

Taylor put me to work right away which was fine. I set up some tents and walked the entire short track 2 times, once to mark the turns and once to double check.

It was great fun watching the guys duke it out in the hay field, at night!!! Jeremiah Bishop ended up taking the win.

We arrived early and relaxed. We had set up our Liberty Bikes tent the previous night, so mainly we just showed up , had some coffee and waited for the start. I got to listen to part of the Bike Rumor interview with the pros.

Then the race started. In the past I have gone out way too fast, and burned up before I would have if I had taken a more steady pace. This time I didn't go out way too fast, but, I think that if I had slowed down just a little it would have made a difference overall.

Laps 1-3 were very muddy and slippery. After that the single track was fairly smooth and fast but the roots stayed slippery most of the time. Laps 4-6 I was feeling good but feeling tired. I stopped after # 6 for a pbj and Red Bull, it didn't give me wings but it helped pick me up a little bit. Lap 7 was slower and I kept it steady. I came in put my lights on and went out for lap 8. It was 6:30pm and I figured that if I went slow enough, I would not make the cut off and not have to go out for another lap.

My goals were to do 8 laps and finish feeling good.

I made it back to the start finish at 7:28 pm, 2 minutes before the cut off. Arrgh. Now I had to decide. Since I was not feeling really good, just kind of so so, I decided to stop while I was feeling good. I had learned some more about myself and my needs ( thanks to help from Namrita O'Dea) and that was more valuable to me that completing another lap and running myself into the ground!!!

So stopped, got cleaned up and waited for Jeremiah Bishop and Harlan Price to finish. They had stayed together for the entire 8 hrs, and were still going strong. They only lapped me about 8 times. One time they lapped me, I decided to stay with them, that lasted about 10 seconds!!!!

Jeremiah took the win with Harlan taking 2nd, only 12 seconds back. That was a great race.

I ended up in 16th place and was glad that I didn't go out, because it would have only bumped me up to 15th, if I had put in a fast time.


We showed up early to help out with some clean up and to get ready for the TT and Cyclocross races.
It turned out that Taylor did not need me during the races so I got changed and ready to go.

The time trial was 4 miles of single track. I forgot to check the results to see how I did, but I gave it what I had. I did get passed by the guy who started 2 mins behind me.

The cyclocross race was painful but fun. 30 minutes plus one lap on a 3/4 mile course. I had no idea where I was in the field or who was in my category, actually I was not even sure what category I had entered!! So, I went all out, I think I did 5 laps. 3 laps I felt great, but then I slowed way down and got passed by one guy in the end. I didn't check the results, and folks kept telling me "good job" and " wow, you had a great race", and I'm thinking " Really? thanks".

We headed back up to pack our stuff up, help with clean up and then to the awards ceremony. I always like to hang around and cheer on my fellow competitors at the awards ceremony, even if I didn't win.

So, we are sitting there, clapping and cheering, playing with Jubal etc, they call my name!!!! 3rd place in the Open Men's cyclocross!!!! Oh yeah!!!! I didn't even know until now!!!!!

Wow, what a great weekend, great people, great organizers, great venue.

Have a great day.

(I'll post pictures tomorrow)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I had a long post written up about friends of the past, how I have realised some things, but then I got depressed writing it, so I erased it.

Instead, I'm going to share some lessons learned:
-if you are going to be late, or can't make it to the preplanned meeting place, a phone call is appropriate. Don't tell me, 3 weeks later when we run into each other downtown, that you spent the night at your girlfriends house and left your phone at home so you could not get in touch.

-If you befriend someone, don't befriend them out of selfishness. Don't invite them into your clic to make your clic look cooler, in fact don't be a clic.

-Choose your friends wisely. Choose friends who encourage you, to be a better person, to live up to your word. Choose friends who care not only about you, but about humankind as a whole. If your friend(s) seem to only care about you and what you think, and don't consider others around them, they most likely only care about themselves.

-Don't give up on your friends when they do something and "that is not the way you would have done it". Roll with it, offer suggestions, maybe, but don't discount them for pursuing their dreams!!!!

So what am I getting at? Be a good friend, be the best you can be, so that in turn you can have a positive affect on someone else.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's Gonna Be Fun!!!!

Last minute reminders, updates and adjustments for this weekend:
· Online registration ends at 9 pm this Thursday, Oct. 23. You can register on race day, but the price increase is slightly higher—we call it Mountain Bikers’ Bailout Package-Amended.
· We’ll have a little something extra for all those who are racing in the Grand Champion Class or the 8-Hour race, from KENDA and MONA VIE and Clif Bar.
· We did some fine tuning on the course for the 8-hour race over the weekend. The course is marked and you are more than welcome to go out and take a ride on the 8+ miles before Saturday.
· We will combine the categories in the Friday NiteRider short track and the Beast on Sunday so that everyone will race at once. Not to worry, we'll keep time with in the class you signed in on separately.
· Remember, there is a $2000 Equal cash purse payout in the Open Male and Female 8-hr Endurance race. And we have over $7,000 worth of prizes to win throughout the weekend.
· Raffles: the lucky winner of grand prize trip to St. Lucia will be called out on Sunday; Cool Breeze Cyclery will be doing prize drawings every hour; our Family Prize raffle for those with little ones features prizes from iBert and Strider, and we’ll raffle copies of the 24 Solo DVD autographed by Chris Eatough to benefit World Bicycle Relief.
· Don’t forget your Halloween costumes!
Fisher Farm Park will be the happening place for mountain biking this weekend, and Davidson will be the happening place for everything else—the Downtown Merchants sidewalk sale, Farmers Market, and Spooktacular—Visit the Town of Davidson website for more.
Races within the Race
The Oktoberfest 8-Hour Endurance Mountain Bike Race is the final race on the USA Cycling Ultra-Endurance Calendar. So you can bet the competition will be fierce! Our sponsors have really stepped up to provide some great prizes for all the events:
· King/Queen of the Mountain The Lady that climbs to the top of 5 to 7 climbs (still finalizing the checkpoints!) during Oktoberfest 8-Hour Endurance Race on Saturday will be recognized as the Queen of the Mountain, and will receive the Specialized/Komen pink Propero Helmet and 2008 Women’s Factory Team Jersey--also in pink—to support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The man who will be “crowned” King of the Mountain will be awarded a Red Propero Helmet and a red Specialized Factory Team Jersey.
· Fastest Lap, Fastest Night Lap NiteRider is the Official Lighting Sponsor of NMBO, sponsoring the Friday NiteRider Short Track Race. When the sun goes down the lights come on, and NiteRider will award the Fastest Lap at Nite Female and Male in the 8-Hour Endurance race.
· Grip it and Rip It for the Whole Shot First racer to get around the course in the short track race, first racer out of the prolog and onto the endurance course, fastest time trial racer, and first racer around the Beast course will be awarded ODI Grips.
· Get Spotted in Your Tifosis!The first racer in the endurance race to get spotted in their Tifosis gets their choice of a brand new pair, so make sure Shannon spots you first!
Just Kids’ Stuff
· Cool Breeze Cyclery is sponsoring and organizing the Kids’ races on Saturday morning… they’re setting up for 6-8 years, 9-11 years, and 12-15 years, so get your kids signed up! No charge to race, but they must have a parent/guardian-signed release.
· We’re not leaving out the littlest bikers! We’re setting up a Strider Corral for toddlers to 5 year-olds to try out, race and even win one of the Strider Running Bikes.
Cheap or free!
· Best breakfast deal going at the Egg at Davidson: Fuel up for Saturday’s race at the Egg at Davidson. Your choice of oatmeal or pancakes, plus two eggs, choice of meat, juice and coffee for only $4.50! Check your race packet for directions and a coupon.
· Cheap good tasting micro-beer, organic coffee and good music! We’re hooking up with Summit Coffee in Davidson for a post race party on Friday and Saturday nights. $2 brews and live music beats stock watching any day!
· Free, neutral technical support: provided by the great folks of The Cycle Path and Cool Breeze Cyclery.
· Free demo rides: check out the latest mountain and road bikes from Cannondale, Specialized, and Trek!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm gonna be famous...

...ok, maybe not, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming!!

I got this in my inbox yesterday:
Dear Blogger,
The team here at likes what you do. We have added your blog to which is the "one stop shop" for local blogs in Upstate South Carolina and Western North Carolina.
We picked your blog because of the connection to the area, your regular blog updates and because you always do your blog in good taste. Obviously we reserve the right to remove your blog from the site if this changes. is home to blogs about everything. There are blogs about parenting, photography, music, books, dieting, politics, art and so much more. This site is a way for folks to connect with local bloggers, for bloggers to find a wider audience and give everyone a fun place to "sound off!"
Congratulations on being a part of! Log on and let us know what you think. Send your comments or questions to
The Staff

Thanks Sound Off for noticing!!

Have a great day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This weekend was The Lake Eden Arts Festival here at Camp Rockmont. Rhonda worked 7-3 Saturday and Sunday, so Jubal and I spent most of the weekend hanging out together. We both wore our Carhatt overalls which was of course really cute. Since I hate pulling the camera out for every cute moment though, we don't have proof.
We do have evidence of a tree person playing an accordion:
We had a lot of fun, and now we are tired and back to school and work.
I rode my bike in today. I almost didn't, at 35 degrees on the thermometer, but then remembered how much worse the race would be if I didn't ride this week.
Have a great day!!!!
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Dark

It was starting to get dark. I knew where I was, and I knew that if I kept going down I would eventually get out. The stinging nettles hurt. I walked through poison ivy to avoid the burning tingling sensation. I'm not very allergic to poison ivy. I'm allergic to the nettles. That was made evident every time I unwittingly brushed up against one. It burns, stings, itches.

I had decided to explore the old overgrown logging roads on campus in an effort to find one that might be worth turning into single track. This sort of exploration should be done on foot, without a bicycle. I rode up until I could not ride anymore, then I walked, pushed, carried my bike. I kept picking old roads that went up, my goal was to get to the ridge.

I never made that goal. I got within 100 yards but the mtn laurel got too thick to push my bike through. If I could get to the ridge, I knew there was a trail that I could at least hike back down on. No such luck, rocky cliffs, and thickets. I also knew that if I went straight down, then I would eventually come to a road.

So down I went, for about 1 hour. In two spots I had to lower my bike, stretching as far as I could then drop it the remaining foot or so. After letting go I used the surrounding trees and bushes to lower myself.

I rarely see snakes out in the woods, and thankfully this trend continued.

The light continued to fade and I ran through the scenarios. Twisted ankle, broken leg, how would I keep warm? I am confident that I could have kept warm using what nature provides.

I also knew that I could leave my bike and come back the next day to get it. But a mountain biker leaving his bike behind is like a marine leaving one of his buddies. The bike is my buddy, I work with it, it works with me. Together we are an unstoppable force. It relies on me. When I don't take care of it, it lets me down.

So, after a long time of bushwhacking, rock hopping, jumping every time a twig shifted, I made it to another logging road and was able to get back on the bike and ride down.

I was actually looking forward to riding my bike to work today, but the combination of cooler weather, rain and darkness, I decided to drive.

Can't wait till the next adventure.

Have a great day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


My race season is not over yet. I'm tired and I cringe when I think about long rides, but I still love to ride long, so I'll continue to cringe and continue to ride!!!

Next up is the National MTB Oktoberfest in Davidson NC, near Charlotte. I'll be doing the 8hr Endurance race on Saturday. If that is not enough to get you out there, Tinker Juarez will be there racing me for the prize. And Jeremiah Bishop has the event listed on his calendar!!!

Hmm, can I get some Harlan Price? Maybe?

Who wants some?
Edit: Appearently fellow WNC resident Andy Applegate wants some!! Bring it!!

I'll be there representing World Bicycle Relief, stop by my pit stop for some brochures and stickers to help spread the word!!

Have a great day

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Ah yes, cooler weather has arrived, and so has the season of wood fires to heat the house.
Tuesdays is one of the two day each week that I drive to work. Tuesday is a day off the bike as well, so I take my chainsaw with me. After work I stop by my local sawmill on the way home, to pick up free scraps of wood. Last night's haul is chopped and stacked on my porch, ready to burn.
At Camp Rockmont we have a homesteading program, part of which is a large garden that is tended to year round. Jon, the homesteading guy regularly brings veggies from the garden to the office. Yesterday, he brought some Poblano peppers. I decided I was going to stuff some and eat them. I settled on my own simple variation of a recipe for the grill.
After a delicious dinner of rice with grilled venison, zucchini, sweet potato, and onion kabobs, I sat down to cut the peppers open and clean them out. Then I cut some slivers of onion and chunks of cheddar cheese. I stuffed the peppers, put the lids on, held them in place with the kabob skewers.
I laid them on the grill, turned them a couple of times. You know they are ready when they start to char and blister.
The result, yowzah, I can't wait to make some more of these!!!
Have a great day.
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I lost my jacket. I got a new one, that I paid too much for, and I'm trying to get used to it, but it is not my old jacket. It is not the jacket that I lost. I'm typically not materialistic, but when I find something that is functional and cost effective, I like to keep it for a very long time.

I only had that jacket for a little over a year. It was a North Face jacket that I got at Frugal Backpacker. I paid 1/3 of what the retail price was. That was a deal. It was not fully water proof, which is fine for what I need. It was lightweight and packed really small. It was blue, Rhonda says I look good in blue.

So, when I lost it, I decided," OK, I'll find another one and get it". I was wrong. I searched all over the Internet, and could not find it. I finally located one in the UK. But not in America. Not one jacket like mine anywhere. Not even at a discount/closeout warehouse. No where.

So, I settled for another jacket. I still went with North Face, but now it is a high tech waterproof, windproof soft shell. It is nice but it is not my old jacket. It is really nice, more than I need really, but isn't that nice for a change? To have more than I need? To have my cup overflowing?


Have a great day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Charleston SC

A week off of the bike, a week away from the blog, I'm back and feeling groovy.
The pre-ride meeting at the Tree Shaker, while I'm scoping out the competition.....
....Jubal is busy psyching out the competition.
Always make time for family, they are the ones that keep me rolling.
I got bored on the bridge at Charleston so I started taking random pictures of random people!!!
The rest of the photos here!!
Have a great day.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008


Saturday I rode the Tree Shaker 6 hr in Old Ft SC. After spending the night with my parents, fueling up on delicious homemade spaghetti sauce, and sleeping well, we headed out to the venue at 7am.

I got checked in , and ready to go. I was barely nervous and plenty excited. I had decided not to race, only to ride my pace. My goal was to finish 6 laps in the 6 hr race, and to monitor and work on my nutrition.

Lap one:
I started at the front, after warming up for about 15 minutes. I stayed at the front over the first gravel rise, then coasted the next mile to the single track. I got passed by a lot of people but that did not matter to me. the lap felt like it went forever, not knowing what was coming next. I finally came out on the gravel road to the pits.

Lap Two:
This one seemed to go faster, although I was all alone. I held a steady pace.

Lap Three and Four:
Things start to get fuzzy here. But I realized that even on single track, it is good to grab someone 's wheel and go their pace. Time goes by a lot faster if I don't have to look at the trail and figure out where I am. Instead, I concentrated on their lines and improving my skill.

Lap Five:
I started all alone, but around the middle of the lap I caught a competitor. We chatted, I told him I was pretty tired and didn't know if I had another lap in me, he told me he was probably going to stop. We both knew that we were not going to stop. So, I stayed on his wheel. He ended up doing what I do when someone is on my wheel: He picked up the pace. It was a good pace, but it wore him down. About 2 miles out he pulled over and let me pass. I took off to get out of line of sight.

Lap Six:
I stopped briefly to get fresh bottles. Took of and realized quickly that I needed to slow down. So I did. That last lap had taken a lot out of me. Feeling very fatigued, and not really sweating anymore, I am starting to get concerned about finishing. I take an easy pace, and little ringed all the climbs. I keep sipping then realize I am bonking, I eat a GU, and keep sipping my drinks. I get passed, lapped actually, by the first place male six hour winner. But I don't know it at the time, and either way it does not matter to me. I get back to the gravel road that leads to the finish. About 1 mile of gradual uphill. I kick it up a notch, glancing back every hundred yards to make sure no one is contesting. I race around the pits to the finish line, every one is watching, no one cheers. Since this is also a twelve hr race, no one realizes that I am finishing my race. I ride through and raise my hands in victory!!! Victory for finishing a race without an ER visit!!!!

The Results:
Rhonda and Jubal are at the finish. I tell them I lost but hey, I finished. As I go back to the pits to cool down and change, I am pleased with my finish. I did well, I controlled my speed. I learned where I need to tweak my nutrition, and I feel decent. Success.

I get changed and go back to see the results. I see my name in 4th place!!!! I get very giddy. 4th place out of 15 riders. Yeah!!!!!

( no pictures now, I'll get some up later)

Have a great day.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


It's getting cold again here in WNC. Started a fire in the woodstove this morning so it would be warm when Jubal got up to get ready for school. I don't mind the cold too much, cold and wet is rough, but just cold is fine. It does take a couple of weeks to remember what to wear depending on temps.
I have never had a great pair of thermal cycling gloves but plan to invest in some this year. Any recommendations?

I'll be skipping my mtn bike ride tonight so that I can take care of some stuff in prep for the race this weekend.

I got a response from one sponsorship request. I was turned down. That's fine, I'll keep riding and having fun, and paying full price for my bike parts and supplies. Maybe my favorite local bike shop could help me out.

I'm still waiting to hear back from a bicycle company, we'll see what happens.

I do, however, plan on continuing to represent World Bicycle Relief indefinitely. They are a great organization and they are doing some great things world wide. Check out the web site.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

New Fence

We are in the process of moving fences at our house. In the past 4 years, the house behind us sold twice, the house to our right sold twice, the lot behind and to the right sold twice, and the lot behind that lot sold once. The house to our right is being remodeled to be sold yet again, the lot behind and to the right has been divided into two equal portions and is going to have two houses built to be sold.

In the process of all this, along with about 5 different surveys, we discovered that we own a little more property than we thought we did. It's not huge, about 75ft x 75ft x20 ft, but enough to put a fence around and make more playroom for the dog, the kid and of course the mommy and the daddy!!!!

Training is going well, I was feeling feisty this morning so I pushed it a little bit on the way to work. My legs are feeling good, and I'm looking forward to racing somewhere new on Sat.

Have a great day,