Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday Ride

I took a meandering ride through the country side on Sunday.  The high temps were supposed to reach 45.  It might have done that, but my toes stayed chilly the whole time and my 5 yr old gloves kept my fingers mostly warm. 

It was a bright sunshiny day and some base miles were on tap.  I chose the old fart loop that we do on the Thursday night Liberty rides,  due to the fact that there is less climbing.  I found myself speeding up without realizing it,  probably because I am used to trying to hang on to the group.  I kept reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the ride.

The loop took about 2.5 hrs and after being off the bike for most of 2 weeks, I felt pretty rusty.  Rusty but it also felt really good to get back out.  I'm not sure exactly what my race goals are for next season, but I have some ideas that I am excited about!! 

Friday, December 09, 2011

My Bikepacking Kit

You wanted it, you got it.   I don't know weights of anything,  I purchased lightweight gear because it was lightweight and durable.  One day I might add it all up and see how much it weighs,  or maybe not, its my gear, I'll do what I want to.... 

The current bike is a Cannondale Caffeine 29er,  my dream bike is a steel frame hard tail,  mounted with a Reba Rock Shock.

On the top tube is the Revelate Desingns Gas Tank.  Easy access to snacks.
 On the top tube down by the seat tube is this Transit gas tank that I found on the road.  I keep camera, tools and lube in here.
 The Seat Bag is a Revelate Designs Visacha
 Inside the Visacha are the following: First Aid Kit, SOL Emergency Bivy, Thermarest inflatable sleeping pad, Lafuma Extreme 950 sleeping bag, tarp stakes, 5x8 sil nylon tarp, Tyvek ground cloth.  There is extra room in the Visacha where I can stuff cold weather gear and/or a water filter.

 For the handlebars, I went with the Revelate Designs Harness System with large Handlebar Bag.  This bag has plenty of room for snacks and misc items. 
In the harness I have a 20 litre drybag, stuffed with more food, cook kit,  extra riding clothes and camp clothes: hat, gloves, socks, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, loose fit running tights, Stoic Luft insulated jacket.  I use a 13 litre bag in the summer.
 On the stem is the Spot Tracker

 My cook kit is a Ti pot with Ti cup that fits inside.  The stove is an Esbit stove that also fits inside the cup and pot.  I have been pleased with this stove but need to find a way to carry the Esbit fuel tablets without contaminating food and clothes.
And that about sums it up.  Simple yet functional.   Now I am itching to get out again!!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

A Walk

 I went for a walk in Bent Creek Friday morning.  It has been a while since I have been in the woods there without either training or trail work on the mind.  It was nice to wander, to see things that I have never seen before.  To smell, to hear the silence.
 This fence runs way up the ridge, I wonder what it was for?
 An old trail,  not a fall line trail either, it looks sustainable....
 More old trail.  Bent Creek has so much potential for more trails, we could easily double the mileage in there.
Can you spot the hunter?  Look for the orange hat.

 And just off of Bent Creek Gap road was this old dam.  I wanted to throw some trees in there to see what a small lake would look like,  I didn't do it though, just for the record.
I think I'll go back when it snows and wander around some more.