Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Above all else,

 It is not often that I feel a spiritual connection to a place.  I don't have an explanation, but every now and then,  I feel it.  The feeling is quite unexplainable, but, if you have experienced it, you know what I'm talking about. 
 I started the journey looking for a challenge.  3 miles one way, from the valley floor up to the meadow. I planned to do some running, but that turned into plodding due to snow lingering in the shady side of the mountain. 
 The snow was crusty on top and soft underneath,  every step or two, my shoes would break through.  At a steep spot on the trail, used the footsteps of a previous hiker as stair steps that had been frozen into the snow.  The trail was a foot or two under the snow.  Sketchy to say the least.  But, I didn't want to stop.  I had the time, and the desire. 
 When I crested the ridge and walked out of the trees into the meadow, I was greeted with bright sunshine and vast silence.  And that feeling.  Or maybe I should say that understanding,  a certain knowing.  Understanding that while things back down the trail are confusing, knowing that I am where I am, because a higher power wants me there.   Understanding that things have not always been easy, but knowing that every need has been provided..... and then some. 
 But that feeling, that this place is sacred,  no one here but me.
 Me and the Creator, the one who loves, provides and guides. 
 I looked at my watch and wished I had more time.  I have to go, back to the life that has been given to me. Back to the responsibilities that in my selfishness, I sometimes loathe. 
 I turn down the trail, lighthearted but feeling heavy responsibility: to be the best I am at what I do.  From husband, to father, to friend, to boss....  what can I do better?
 I thing about our purpose here on earth.  To fight the good fight, to fight evil,  and our weapon is love.  Not love like we are taught on tv, or on radio, but a selfless love, that has no end.  Love that does not see color, does not feel greed, does not expect anything in return.  Love that is an action not a feeling.  Love that leaves you feeling depleted, because you gave it your all.  Love that requires a person to die to self, to give up their own desires and spend time and energy (aka money if you have it) to help make your corner of the world a better place. 
 Love that shines and tells a story.  I was created for this.  You were created for this.
 If we were created for a purpose and do not fulfill that purpose, then what is the point?  We can do what we want, and we do that, but without fulfilling our purpose, we are never really reaching our full potential. 
Above all else, Love.