Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekend at Home

 I always get a little sad when the wife and kid head out of town.  This year was the same, especially when I realized that I had nothing planned for myself.  In the past, I have either done a bike trip or a huge home improvement project.  This year, I was actually wanting to take a windsurfing safari to the coast, but I'm a worried about driving the truck that far.  I decided to keep it local.
 I managed to find some simple things to do, like cutting down a crepe myrtle,  much to the dismay of all the old people in the area.  Crepe Myrtles are on the invasive species list.  And I don't really like them. 

 Got out on the bike for some gravel.....
and of course with some mild wind predicted ,  got out on the lake for a little while.  The wind was pretty light, but I got a couple of good strong gusts. My high speed today was 22.4mph.  I was able to get my gear a little more dialed,  I'm confident that I can break 30mph on this board, and 35 mph on my little board!!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


When you are praying for a miracle,  you gotta have patience....  I'm not great at that.  I'm pretty good at being patient if I have something else to distract me.  Other than that,  not good. 

I've been truck shopping.  I hate to be picky, but I need to upgrade to a 4x4 with crew cab.  With the kid sprouting long legs, we gotta have the space.  Add to that the need to pull a trailer filled with bikes,  the 4x4's are built tougher and will withstand the wear and tear better than my current truck.  In fact,  the truck is dying for that very reason,  it was not built to haul a trailer as much as I do. 

So,  even though we have been planning and saving for a while,  we are about $5000.  Hence the prayer for a miracle.  Praying that my current truck will last until we save enough, or somehow that $5k comes to us.  And there is nothing else for me to do. 

With that in mind, I'm thankful for distractions.  Like soccer with the kid, windsurfing and bike riding! 

 I got to enjoy a great day at the lake,  warmish sun,  strong winds.  I took my Garmin along and my max speed ended up being 26.4 mph.   With a little more wind and some rigging tweaks, I think I can break 30 mph.....  nothing like the feeling of being pulled along by the wind, skipping across the top of the water.  Makes me want to whoop and holler, which is exactly what I do! 
In the picture above, what appears to be clouds is actually a plume of smoke from one of the wild fires. 

Well,  here's to a prayer and a miracle.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


 I've been able to get out on the bike consistently this week.  That's good cause I'm a bit stressed.  This whole truck thing is getting to me.   A 2006-2009 truck with 150k for $15,000?  Sounds crazy.  Sounds like borrowing money to survive is the American Dream.  But,  if you think about it,  borrowing has been the way of life in America since the beginning.

It is frustrating to me, because we have always tried to live frugally with little to no debt.  Until this year, we have never had a car payment,  were always able to pay cash for vehicles.  But that was before I needed something bigger and tougher.  So,  by doing what I do, and  needing to haul a trailer,  I need a bigger stronger truck.  So, I'm stuck, living the American Dream.  An old hippie forced to conform to consumerism and greed. 

Every dealer I talk to agrees that the price of trucks is out of control.  But their hands are tied, because they have bills to pay as well. 
 Something is going to work out, and I feel like I'm handling this situation better than I would have in the past.   I'm more excited about seeing how this is going to play out than stressed about it not working out. 

Trust is the key, and patience.  Waiting until the right one comes along, at the right time.

Can't wait to see what happens.

In the meantime.  Strong winds are forecast for the weekend!!

Monday, November 14, 2016


 A lot going on in my little head right now.  Besides the fact that its that time of year when memories pop up and try to bring me down, the demons in my mind telling me that I'm bound to fail so why try.  I keep turning my focus to the positive.  Its not always easy.   I have so many friends in the same boat.  Trying to figure this life out, one step at a time. Why do I keep trying?

 I'll tell you what keeps me going.  Knowing that I am created for a purpose,  to love.   Knowing that a power greater than me is in control and has an ultimate plan: to restore creation to a pre- destruction mode.  I believe in a God who loves and provides for us.  I don't believe in the god that so many churches teach about,  the legalistic, fire and brimstone, you are going to hell if you screw up god.  I believe in a God who has created me to love, to care for the fatherless and widows.  to look out for my neighbors.
 That's what keeps me going.   How do I know that such a God exists?  That one is hard to explain, but the evidence shows me,  points me in that direction.  The stillness at the top of a mountain,  the peace inside on the side of a wind ravaged lake.  The good things that come my way without warning.  The trials, that seem out of control, but once I make it through, I realized I am stronger, a little wiser, and slowly but surely a little more patient.   
 I have what I need and a whole lot more.  Food, warmth, shelter, clothes.  Sure,  I have a truck that is falling apart right now.  And the thing is testing my faith on a daily basis.  Every time I turn the key and it cranks,  I whisper a quiet prayer of thanks. 

I had a great weekend, getting outside, feeling the wind in my face, the splash of water, the leaves crunching under my wheels,  futbol with the kid,  brunch on in a holler with a bunch of friends.

My life is good, and I can't take the credit for that. 

Friday, November 04, 2016


 Fall is here and my head is spinning.  Lots of stuff going on.   October was my month of mayhem for the year. 

I accepted the Asst Soccer Coach position for the middle school boys team and that proved to be quite time consuming.   I wouldn't trade it for anything though.  Even though I hardly rode my bike,  I got to spend every afternoon with the kid and 23 other boys.  The Coach: Mike Kerr is an amazing coach and I learned a lot from the guy.  Super kind hearted and uses a positive reinforcement approach that is spot on.

On top of that, I decided to get my CDL so I could drive a school bus.  This turned out to be a time suck;  2. 5 days of class,  4 visits to the DMV, paperwork, on visit to pee in a cup (while talking about hunting with the female tech,  just another day on the job),  2 days of driving with instructor and 1/2 day of driving test..... and $200 later, I have my CDL. 
Over the summer, I decided not to worry about my old 2001 F 150.  It is getting worn and creaky but still seems to run fine.  Instead of upgrading, I decided to do some maintenance.  I took it in for rear shocks.  I got the call telling me that my front shocks were leaking and something else was broken.  They replaced all that.   The next day, the battery light came on signaling alternator failure.  Well,  that $600 better last for a while because I'm tired of spending money on this truck.  It has served me well, but my gut tells me that its almost done. 

I'm now looking around at trucks,  I want to upgrade to a crew cab.  Good grief, seems like everybody has lost their minds.  A 2007 Silverado with 150k miles on it for $12,000?  What the crap?  I'm kinda stuck in the middle and not sure what to do,  I don't have that kind of money and not sure I can afford the monthly payments for that amount right now.  New is out of the question for shizzy. 

What to do?  Keep on keepin' on,  and hoping for a miracle!