Saturday, April 27, 2019

Wind Storm, Lake James

 The wind forecast was good for Lake James and better for Lake Hartwell.  I decided to go to Lake James because then I could be back home for family time.   I arrived and rigged up a 5.3 sail and got ready to head out.

As I was getting ready, I sneezed.... and pulled my lower back.  Dang it, not enough ham string stretching.

I turned around and looked towards the Linville Gorge and saw the giant dark gray storm clouds rolling in.  A couple of motor boats that had left the dock in a the past couple of minutes came flying back, trying to get loaded and out of the water before the storm hit. 
 I put rocks on the sail and board and huddled in the truck for 15 minutes, until I could see blue sky again.  The wind was cranking and I was nervous.  Why?  I don't know,  The recent trip to Ocracoke definitely boosted my confidence and skill, so I really have nothing to worry about.  Just relax and go windsurfing.  So, I did.  2 runs, and I came back in to switch to my 4.6 meter sail. 
I was absolutely flying across the water.  Sheeted all the way out (kind of like idling in a vehicle) and I was going as fast as the board could go.   I had to be careful as the wind wanted to slip under the board and push it up into the air.  I love jumping, but I also like to be in control! 

I was at the edge of control, but stayed out for an hour to practice.  Waterstarts, Jybes, Tacking,  I felt good through all of the maneuvers. 

I was  a bit tired and my back was hurting, so I called it a day.  Epic day, but definitely worth the trip!

Friday, April 26, 2019

N Mills

 I had to meat some friends for FLA USA to deliver some Bicycle Thrift Shop kits that they had ordered.  An awesome crew of folks from down south has adopted me and decided to spread the love,  so awesome!  

Since I was out there, I decided to ride N Mills River for something different.  Usually when I ride here, I park at Bent Creek and ride over.  The drive out there seems to take as long as the ride,  only with less ride time, so.....
 Another amazing day in paradise.  The above picture is where I want to build my house.  I'm sure the forest service wouldn't mind. 
 Creeks were high, so my shoes got a good rinsing,  it has been a while.  I'm really enjoying being on the bike this spring.   The past several years, I have been so burned out from training through the winter for the stage race, that I have not ridden much in the spring.  

This year is different, because I'm not really training for anything.  That was a difficult adjustment for me.  After having plans and goals for so long, how does a person transition back into being a recreational rider.  It was a difficult process, starting with realizing that I am at a different place in life than I was a few years ago. 
Now I ride to be fit, and once I'm fit, I hope to join in on a group ride here and there, or even possibly an event or race.  And if things go really well, and I get really fit, I will go on a bike-packing trip.  But, everything will have to line up to near perfection for that to happen!

In the meantime, happy riding!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What Easter Means To Me

Its ok if you don't "go to" church. Its ok if you don't believe exactly like I do. Its ok if you have questions and things don't seem to line up. 
God is our creator and cares for us in his own way, providing for each of us differently, but sufficiently. 
Jesus died because people felt uncomfortable with a man who proclaimed the truth of freedom, a man who stated that things needed to change, a man who firmly resisted the practices put in place by ignorant, sometimes self serving humans. Jesus came to life so that we would have the freedom to be who we are and help each other reach our full, God given, potentials. Jesus rose from the dead so that we would not have to be bound by rituals but could flourish with freedom and creativity. 
While Scripture has a history of being abused for self gain (and still is) it is difficult to discount the way, the truth and the life.(Keep in mind, this is not a ticket to freedom stating that we can do whatever we want, when we want, we still have parameters and guidelines to keep is safe and healthy) 
Some people flourish under ritualistic practices and other people feel closed in and restrained. Its all part of the beauty of creation. Get up, go out, and do what you do with excellence. #loveyourneighbor #sermonfromalumberviking #dontfeartruth

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Normally this time of year, I am pumping up my tires, lubing my chain and slipping in to some lycra in preparation for the Pisgah Stage Race.  Not this year.  I've done that race 10 years in a row, the first 10 editions.  I love that race, but it was time for a change. 

I found a windsurf race on the Outer Banks and signed up for that.  Windsurfing is in my blood.  I made plans, made campground reservations and finally headed out.  My plan was simple.  Drive to Cedar Island, camp.  Catch the ferry to Ocracoke, spend the afternoon there and camp.  Then drive to Avon for the next 2-3 days camping there. 
I was impressed that I actually made a plan and was going to stick to it.  I usually make plans and then try to make better plans, which results in a lot of stress. Self induced stress.  This time was different.  I was determined to stick to the plan...... until I arrived at Cedar Island at 4:10pm.

When I pulled up to the Cedar Island Campground,  there was a line of cars and a ferry waiting.  I didn't realize there was a 4:30pm ferry to Ocracoke.  I confirmed with the ticket lady, paid my dues and got in line.  So much for sticking to my plan. 

Then I called Teeter's Campground to find out if they had a spot for me.  They did and I reserved it. 
The following night, I was planning to camp at the NPS campground that is a couple of miles out of town.  But, Teeter's is right in town, and after a full day of windsurfing, I decided to stay put.  I could get my camp set up and then ride my bike to get dinner and the local brewery.  Then for breakfast, I would ride my bike to Graceful Bakery for some delicious baked goods and coffee.  Perfect. 
Friday dawned,  and the inner struggle began.  I was in a perfect location, with the perfect set up, why bother driving north 2 hrs, when I could spend the time on the water?  Do I really want to race? Stand around in the parking lot with everyone eyeballing each other's gear,  racing and challenging before the race even started?  Is that why I was here?    No,  I just wanted to have fun.  Did I really want to share the water with 300 other sailors?  While that would be cool to see...... not really.   The struggle raged on all day and into Saturday morning.   But after eating a fresh scone and drinking some coffee,  I knew the answer. 
I went back to the camp ground and paid for two more nights.  Seriously a no brainer.  It turned out to be one of the best, most satisfying decisions I have made for myself in a long time.

The wind was great for four days in a row.  I spent time building my confidence.  Gradually working my way from my longboard, which offers more stability, down to my little short wave board, which is less stable but way more maneuverable and fun to jump and carve.   Each day, I spent as my time on the water as I could. 
I spent the time soaking up every moment.  I sailed all over the sound around Ocracoke.   On one day the wind shifted, which allowed me to sail back and forth on a 4 mile reach. 
Each day started with a bike ride to the bakery.  I ate my breakfast by the harbor, Silver Lake before heading back to camp.  I then packed up the roof top tent (which now takes about 5 minutes) and then head to Teaches Hole, where Blackbeard enjoyed anchoring his ship after raids.  Morning session lasted a couple of hours before heading back to the truck for some good old fashioned PB & J.  Then a leisurely drive on the beach to watch fishermen. 
Back to Teaches Hole for a couple more hours of the fun stuff.  I usually stayed out until I got really hungry, or until something started cramping.  One time my index finger cramped, not all curled up, but stuck straight out.  odd.  
After getting loaded up each evening, I headed back to camp, set up the roof top tent, (another 5 minutes) showered using the amazing outdoor shower, then head of to dinner.   Taco truck, Dajio's woodfired pizza, Howard's pub became favorites.    
After dinner, I rode my bike to watch the sunset.  After sunset, I headed over to 1718 Brewey for a beer and a tasty snack from the kitchen.   Chatting with other folks and people watching.  Often more entertaining that tv. 
When the time felt right, I headed back to camp and went to bed of hung out chatting with neighbors for a bit. 
There are so many amazing places to go and see in the country, and world.  But at this point, I'm content using my resources to visit this island and enjoy the simplicity it has to offer. 

I have spent the first quarter of 2019 trying to simplify my life and I'm on the right track.   This trip has definitely helped give me new insight and desire to continue simplifying! 
Until next time, Ocracoke!

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Check out the link below.  I'm hosting a fundraiser, so the program can purchase a van, so that we can get kids out of their environments and into the woods.   I was paying out of pocket with the van in my name to save money for the program, but found out that I cannot purchase commercial insurance if the van is not in the name of the program!  Argh.   Thanks to an amazing community, we are almost there.  Donate if you can, and please share the page with your friends!

Adventure Kids WNC Transportation Fund