Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coming Right Up

Another mtn bike race looms on the horizon. The Tree Shaker 12 hr Challenge. I have chosen to do the 6 hour version, race my own pace, continue to work on my nutrition, and see what happens.

We had been planning to go out to TN for the Windrock 100 mile mtn bike race this weekend, but then we decided to go to the beach for a couple of days after the race. Then I found out that the organisers are saying that probably no one will finish more than 2 laps on the 25 mile course. So, we decided to head to Charlotte to visit family, race Saturday, then head to Charleston for a couple of days.

I decided to go with the 6 hour because I am burned out on long rides. I also need to keep some fitness up as I am planning on racing against Tinker Juarez and Jeremiah Bishop at the National MTB Oktoberfest at the end of Oktober. So, the 6 hr seemed a logical choice.

Have a great day!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Good Morning

I had a great weekend hanging out with Jubal. Rhonda worked so it was just the guys for most of the day.
On Saturday we tackled the gutter system on the house. It was mostly non-functional and leaked water over the side so that the crawlspace under the house stays moist. And here in the WNC mountains, moist equals mold.

So, while I climbed the ladder, Jubal supplied me with tools and gutter parts.

We ended up spending the afternoon playing soccer at the park.

On Sunday we finished the flashing and guttering on the new deck roof. Then we headed out for the highlight of my weekend: Jubal's bike and Bent Creek!!

We hit Boyd Branch trail for Jubal's first ride on trails. It was great. I ran along behind him while he pedaled. I had to help him up the longer hills but he loved it. After stopping at the creek to throw rocks in, he was ready for more. We headed back down the trail to the truck, drove a little ways down to Campground connector and went again. Down Campground connector, over to the beach, back around the lake to the dock, then back to the truck. Probably about 3 miles total.

I think he loved it!!!

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gas Crisis...???

Is it really a crisis? I don't think it was at first, but now I believe that it is becoming one.

Initially when Ike rolled through, the "pipeline" was to be back in service within 10 days. It has been 10 days and nothing has really changed. There are still gas stations that are closed, waiting for gas, and the ones that are open, there are long lines of cars waiting.

At first people panicked, bought all the gas, depleted supplies. Now normal people, like me, who did not panic and rush out to fill gas tanks, really need gas.

Last night I finally gave in. I saw on the Internet that a gas station 2 miles from the house had gas, and lines were not long. It was posted 45 minutes before I saw it but I decided to take a chance. I took the van which and drove out. I got there and pulled in line behind about 15 cars. The timing was good and I waited in line for only 30-45 minutes. I didn't look at the time because I didn't want to get frustrated.

I thought about limiting my purchase, then decided against it. I filled the tank. I figured I could get a small purchase and be back in two days, waiting in line, or I could fill up, continue to drive, like we don't have gas: ie- don't drive, and not have to come back for a couple of weeks. Rhonda does such a great job at combining trips that the full tank will last at least two weeks.

I wasn't satisfied though. I came back home and got the truck. What else is there to do at 10 pm anyway? I drove back to the gas station but they were out. I drove a mile to another station and got in line. They ran out 15 minutes later. I turned around and started towards home. I passed another station that had a line of about 10 cars. I whipped it around and pulled in. 20 minutes later I had filled my tank with the $25 limit. That should last over one week.
Hopefully by then, this "crisis" will be over.

The thing that gets me is this. Why do people get all worked up about wanting/needing less government involvement and then when there is a "crisis" people get so upset that the government in not more involved?

Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comeback Ride

The Bridge to Bridge was a comeback ride for Mike Keeley. Mike has done this ride 8 times in the past and he was back after missing it for two years. He does one 100 mile ride each year and this is it.

Two years ago he started feeling some pain in his knee. And what do all good athletes do when we feel pain? Try to ride through it. That didn't work. Then Mike started getting tired, not able to summon up the energy to ride. He ended up consulting his physician who referred him to the long process of doctors and tests that are involved when no one really knows what is going on with the body.

He was finally diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome , a debilitating condition that attacks the immune system and eventually shuts the body down. Slightly scary. In addition, there is no known cure for the Syndrome. I won't go into all the gritty details but I will say that Mike was off of his bike for a long time.

When Mike finally was able to ride again, he would go out for 5-10 mile rides. Basically he was starting over with building his fitness. It took him about a year to prepare for this past weekend. He spent a lot of time in the mountains, working on climbing, and just getting the miles in his legs.

I got to ride with him on some of his training rides. Mike is a lot of fun to ride with. He always has a story to tell, and is generally good natured.

It seemed that Mike had come back with a new love for cycling. A new determination to do this ride and do it well. And it showed.

Sunday, Mike was as ready as he has ever been for this ride. And he was successful. He persevered, endured and finished. 100 miles in 6hrs and 28 minutes.

Congratulations on your comeback ride Mike!!!

Have a great day.

Monday, September 22, 2008

83 out of 276

What a great weekend!!!
I got home from work Friday and we loaded up the van for it's first road trip. A quick by the most delicious Okie Dokie Smokehouse in Swannanoa and we were on our way to the Down By The River Campground in Pineola, NC.

We got there, set up camp, got the fire going and I started sneezing. A little allergy attack, a trip to the gas station for allergy meds, and good sleep in the fresh mtn air.

Morning rolled around and I am up and at it. Jubal takes a little longer to crawl out of the warm tent.
French toast for breakfast, with some french pressed Starbucks. The African blend coffee kind of ruined the french theme I had going but it was delicious regardless.

The campground we are staying at is also an RV park. It is filled with RV's that have decks built on and it appears that these people live here all summer long. There is a network of concrete roads that loops around, creating a small neighborhood of retirees. The morning ritual here, apparently is to take morning walks. As the old folks walk past, they all greet us with good mornings, and some after eyeballing our tent set-up, mention that they too used to do the tent camping thing. Others make comments about our fire, or how breakfast smells so good. Jubal enjoyed riding his bicycle around the "neighborhood". Definitely a place we would come back to, someday.

After breakfast, and some bike riding, we loaded up and decided we needed "second breakfast". Since McDonald's was not serving breakfast anymore, we found another local little restaurant that served breakfast all day. Gravy biscuit, has browns and coffee filled me up quite well.

We met Mike Keeley at McRae Meadows later that day ( Saturday) left our van and car pooled to Lenoir. Once we got to Lenoir, we picked up our packets, ate the pasta dinner that was provided, checked into our hotel, went out for ice cream: peanut butter shake for me, and went to bed.

Nervous that I wouldn't wake up in time, I did not fall into deep sleep, but did feel rested when I got up. I brewed some coffee at when I finally got up at 5 am. At 5:30 I went to visit with Mike and Todd as they had waffles for breakfast. I could not even think about eating anything solid. 6am, finish the coffee, back to the room, to start on my breakfast: meal replacement shake. I had tried this on some early morning training rides recently and it had worked well. It worked well once again. After drinking it, I did not feel hungry, and my gut felt calmed and satisfied.
6:30am, load some of my things in the van, pump up the tires and leave Jubal and Rhonda in bed. They would join us later in the day, around mile 50.

6:40am, we get on our bikes and head to the start. It is still dark out.
6:55am the organizers address the cyclists. Apparently there was a tragedy yesterday involving two NC State Troopers who were shot. We are told that there are some changes to the route and to watch the markings on the road. We would end up not coming back through town as in past years.

7:02am, the siren goes off and we shoot out of town like a squirrel crossing the road. 10 miles into the ride, and I am content to let off the pace a little bit. Mike says something about losing the lead group, and we end up surging back to the group of about 50.

We are cruising along through the rolling farm land, and I decide to go to the front. I have my full World Bicycle Relief kit on and I want to get some exposure. So, up into the top ten, rest a little, we hit a little climb, I move up with the top 3, down the hill, up another long gently sloping hill, then at the top, I attack. Too bad there are no television cameras. I can hear Phil Liggett saying" And Stephen Janes riding for World Bicycle Relief is really animating the peleton, he has just made an attack, we will have to wait to see if the peleton responds. It does appear that that peleton is reeling Janes back in, his 10 second gap is quickly coming down, and the peleton has reeled in the first attack of the day, but wow, WBR did get some good television coverage!!!"
We continue on averaging 21 mph. There are about ten guys rotating at the front and keeping the pace steady. I occasionally drop back to make sure I have not left Mike. As I coast back I hear Mike call out. We chat for a bit, he says he is fine. I ride with him for a little while, then head back up to the front.
We are now higher in elevation and it is quite foggy out. I decide I am going to attack again and wait for the right moment. Up a hill, down around a bend, too bad I don't know what is ahead. We come up a slight rise and the pace slows. I am about 10 back and I hit the gas taking everyone by surprise. Down a hill, and into a flat, I get a good gear and spin away. I gain about half a mile on the flat but have to slow for an intersection, losing momentum. Could I have stayed away? Hard to tell, but what happened, happened, and I slowed. I did get a good gap and that made me happy. Also, with 60-70 miles left to go, I did not want to use all my resources, in fact I was not sure that I should have made those attacks, but it sure was fun!!!

We made it to the intersection of Adako Rd, and hwy 181, hang a right on 181 and the climbing begins. Rhonda and Jubal are waiting for us, we quickly get what we need out of the van and head out. I drink a second shake, and refill the bottles with Nuun and Carb-plus.

We climb at a slow and steady pace, knowing that when we get to the parkway, the climbing is not done. Our friend Chuck Lampley passes us and acts like he does not see us. We climb up, past, the Brown Mtn overlook, the Bark House, and finally reach the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We have decided to stop at the next rest stop to eat some pb&j, but it appears that someone has walked off with the j as they are only serving pb's. I take two bites, almost vomit, and drink the rest of my shake instead.

We head on up the pkwy again, making good time. Mike and I both begin to chat less, and focus more on keeping a consistent pace. Counting down the miles is hard not to do at this point, but it happens.

The last 15 miles is a really fun road that winds up and down and around on the slopes of Grandfather mtn. I realize later that I should have had one more bottle of shake to drink at this point. It is hard to think straight when fatigued. We make a quick water stop, and spin the last 15 miles, at one point, I ask Mike to pull us down a hill so I can have a little recovery.

We finally see the 2 miles to go sign and it is a long two miles. The right turn into McRae Meadows is a welcome sight. I look 200 yds to the finish and notice that the clock says 6h27min, I turn to Mike and say" Come on, we can beat 6.5 hrs!!!!" And we do. Great ride, great day. I end up 83rd out of 276 finishers. ( not sure how many started) .

McRae Meadows
The Finish

JD, Mike, Todd, Stephen, Chuck

The weather is nice and we are having such a great time, that we decide we want to stay another night. I call my boss and ask for a day off, he kindly agrees.

We say our goodbyes to our friends from Shelby, and head back to Down By The River. After a trip to the grocery store, and the Italian Restaurant, we head back to the campground for some riding and relaxation.

Jubal learns the art of fire building.

Hmm, this picture looks like the picture above, but something is different....

We get up Monday morning, and I fry some pancakes and sausage. Delicious. After packing up, we head over to Linville Falls for some hiking and....

Base Jumping:

Great weekend with great family and friends.

Have a great day.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Friday

Happy Friday everybody. I'm not sure why this Friday feels any different than other Fridays but it does. B2B is Sunday, weather looks great, way better than a couple of years ago when the ride got postponed to November due to some hurricane action.

The November date was great, except that it was almost 2 months later, training had slipped and it was 36 degrees that morning. Uh!!!

Here is the link to my on-line journal for my Ride Across America. Check it out!!

I'm ready to go again.

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Goal: 1 bicycle

Sunday is the Bridge to Bridge Century Challenge. It is a 100 mile road ride that winds around the rolling farmlands of Caldwell county before heading up the infamous hwy 181, past Brown Mtn Ridge, the site of the mysterious Brown Mtn Lights, before ending in McRae Meadows below Grandfather mtn. Over 10,000 ft of climbing.

While this ride will be a challenge for the participants, it will not even compare to the day to day challenge of folks in Zambia who face seemingly insurmountable walls every day.

Excerpt from the World Bicycle Relief web-site:

The Power of Project Zambia

Health care and education are useless if they do not reach those in need. By providing bicycles, we will ensure that health care volunteers and educators reach even the most remote communities. Mobilizing this potent force is a huge step in the fight against poverty and disease in Zambia. Bicycles assist individuals, families and communities in reversing the devastation of HIV/AIDS, and in returning to productivity and independence.
Please support this program. Please support the people of Zambia as they fight this merciless disease. They need your help to achieve their goals of stability, independence, and eventual prosperity.

I am dedicating the riding of this century to the people of Zambia. I would like to raise enough money to purchase 1 bicycle through WBR. Please consider helping me do this.


ONE Bicycle + one caregiver = care for up to 20 patients and their families: Cost: $134

I have a handy pay pal button on the left of this blog that you can use to donate, you can go directly to worldbicyclerelief.org to donate.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Two days ago I called the permit office to arrange for the inspector to inspect my roof. I asked them the have the inspector call me before he came to the house, I could be there in 20 minutes.

Rhonda got home from picking Jubal up from school and there was a red sticker saying that the inspector had come but did not inspect due to a dog running around in the yard.

I called the inspection office and got the guy's phone number. We made arrangements to meet, set the time and date, and I was there. He showed up right on time. He looked around, asked some questions, took some measurements. At some point he decided everything looked good and said he was going to approve it. We walked out to his truck, and he started writing up a green approval sticker. Then he stopped, cocked his head and said" Wait just a minute, let me look at that power line again........".

He hemmed and hawed some more. Looked around, pulled out his big three ring binder book of regulations and codes.

Then he tore up the green ticket, wrote a red ticket and told me that he would approve the project when Progress Energy came out to move their power lines!!! What?!?!?

I was almost there, I didn't even talk too much, maybe I should have talked more.

So now I am playing middle man between Progress and City Inspector. This should be interesting.

The relief is that my workmanship passed city inspection. I even called up the electrician to tell him that I passed. I'm sure he did not want to hear from me!!! But he did.

Work Ride:
I put on a base layer this morning for the ride in to work. It's getting chilly!!!!

Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Andy A

Yesterday's work commute on the bicycle was good. I intend to take an easy week in prep for the Bridge 2 Bridge this weekend. I'm really looking forward to this 100 mile road ride, as I will be riding with friends and will not have to worry about racing!!! I'm not even stressed about getting up early for the 7am start. I'm still not sure why we have to start so early.

On the way home yesterday, I was planning on going the short way and taking it easy. That plan was ruined when I took a right turn onto Old US 70 and spotted a cyclist about a half mile away. I stepped on the gas, they were on an uphill and I was on a flat so chances were good that I would catch whoever it was. I got a good tempo going and held steady. I hit the bottom of the little climb and I was not any closer, the cyclist went over the top and I could not see him/her. I got to the top and spotted the cyclist at the bottom, I might have gained 20-30 yards. I kept pushing the pace. At the bottom I felt like I had gained a little bit more so I kept the pace. Slowly but surely I could see that I was gaining. Onto the flat then slightly uphill and around a bend, the rider disappeared. " I can't stop now, so much for the easy ride, I hope they let me draft, this is gonna hurt ", were thoughts going through my head.

Around the bend I came and had about 30 yards to reel him/her in. I got within 15 yards and was able to identify the kit. The big green Land Rover emblem on the back could on mean one thing: Andy Applegate.

I immediately realise there are two reasons that I was able to catch this guy. 1. he is on his cyclocross bike, 2. he is obviously not pushing very hard, just cruising at 20-25 mph.

I sit up and say something about " hey there, do you some of this?" He looks back and smiles.
We ride and chat. Then part ways, only after we both almost get creamed by some careless driver.

I always enjoy seeing people out riding their bikes, enjoying themselves.

Have a great day

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jubal Rides

What a full, fun weekend at the Janes' house this weekend!!! I finally got the deck roof completed and will be calling the inspector today. I am hopeful that there will be no problems.
Last week I took the pedals off of Jubal's bike so that he could coast down hills, while keeping his feet out in case of falls. We went to the park last week and then again on Saturday. Saturday Jubal hit the deck pretty hard and was done. Bloody hand and all I convinced him to ride one more time. Saturday evening he wanted to show mommy so he coasted down our neighbor's driveway again. We then discussed putting his pedals back on and he decided that he wanted to put his training wheels back on. Wait a minute, that would not be progress. After a few more minutes of 4 yr old logical discussion, Jubal agreed to have his pedals( and cranks) put back on.
I put them on, and let him try it, next thing we know he is off, pedaling around the yard!!! Jubal is riding a bike with no training wheels!!! He started saying " no more training wheels for me!!!" over and over. It was awesome.

He now wants me to set up a jump so he can jump into his swimming pool.
Bridge to Bridge this weekend, I'll be sticking to work rides this week. The weather looks like it is going to be great.
Have a great day.
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday Night

I decided to stay at Camp Rockmont and explore some more. There are some really steep climbs here that will be very valuable for training if I can find a decent loop. I was rewarded with seeing a couple of bears hauling up the trail in front of me, a momma and a baby!! I ended up being out for 2hrs, 1.5 hrs riding time, did some tough hike a bike stuff.

I talked to one of the directors about getting some sustainable trail work done. So, that has been put into the works. Pretty cool.

I was not able to formulate a route yet, but I think it will come together once I get the lay of the land figured out. Lots of roads and side trails that intertwine. Beautiful mountainside property though!!!

This weekend Rhonda works, so Jubal and I will probably check out the Asheville Grand Prix

It should be fun to go cheer some folks on!!!!

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


"Pursue peace with everyone..."

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have the blinky light on my bike again. It is dark when we get up and getting light when I leave for work. High of 72 today. I felt good this morning, I decided to push it a little bit and had a fun time. Got a draft for a couple of miles behind a cement truck, 20 mph with hardly any effort is a lot of fun.

We finally sold our Honda yesterday. That was stressful. There are some crazy people out there. One guy who called is from Huntsville, Alabama. He told me he would take the bus that leaves at 7pm, ride through the night, get here at 7am, buy the car and drive it back. He told me to call him if I lowered the price. I ended up lowering the price but did not call him. He ended up calling me upset that I had not called him. He chewed me out, offered to wire $100 deposit via Western Union and he would be up in the morning. Not feeling comfortable about meeting some dude at the bus station at 7am, to sell a car, I let him know that a couple of people were scheduled to look at it that afternoon. He said to call him if it didn't sell and that was it. I never called him.

Another guy who showed up to look at the car was upset that I had never waxed the car, upset that a cat had walked on it, upset that I had taken MY Cd player out and replaced it with the stock stereo tape player. He pulled up in my driveway, got out of his car, walked past me without a word. I had to ask him if he was who I thought he was. I didn't even get upset that he was 20 minutes late!!! I had tried to tell him the easy way to get to my house, but he absolutely had to use his GPS. Knowing which way the unit told him to go, I knew he was going to be late. Basically, he heemmmed and haawed, took it for a drive, tried to make me feel bad about how I did not take care of a car that ran great and lasted the past 10 years, then left and I never heard from him. Good riddance.

So, that was fun, and I'm glad it's done. Now I can order the metal for my roof and get back to having some fun. Oh wait, the fun never stopped!!!

Bridge to Bridge in 1.5 weeks!!!

Have a great day

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Odea's

I met Namrita and Eddie two and a half years ago. Eddie is the race director at Burn 24. Namrita was racing this race the first year I did it. I didn't know them at that point, but that would change and my respect and admiration would grow.

It turned out to be a great race, with great planning and support. Eddie does a great job directing, and as it turns out, Eddie and Namrita are quite the endurance racers.

They also run 55 NinePerformance, a fitting service. In addition to the fitting service, coaching and nutrition expertise is also available. But that is not all. While training for endurance races, which they win with regularity, directing Burn 24, and working with clients, they put on one of the biggest mtn bike festivals in the Southeast: The Fool's Gold 100. This is not only a race, but they partnered with Sorba to promote trail building and advocacy.

I could go on and on.

The reason I am so excited is that they have helped me in my endurance racing. Not only have they motivated me, encouraged me to keep going, but more specifically, Namrita has been helping me to understand why my body is reacting to the way I am treating it: why I have wound up in the hospital 3 times in the past two years. And it was a simple process. I explained to her what was going on, my symptoms, she asked me a couple of questions, we came up with a plan, and so far, it has worked. That girl knows what she is talking about.

So, if you have never been professionally fit on your bike, get in touch with Eddie, you will not believe the difference moving your position only 5mm will make. And, if you are struggling with your race day nutrition, get in touch with Namrita. You will be amazed with the difference.

In closing, they are currently looking for a sponsor for the rest of 2008 and 2009. Contact them, they will make your product look really good, and they will do it with pride.

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Weekend Rides

My parents came to town this weekend to go camping at Lake Powhatan/Bent Creek. They took Jubal with them. Rhonda started work this weekend as a CNA at a local nursing home. She is working the 7am-3pm shift on weekends. That left me, at home, all alone, awake at 5:45 am. ( that's what time Rhonda gets up to go to work). So, what to do? Ride my bike, what did you think?

I headed out to Bent Creek to do a long ride, but to stay in an area where I could get back to the truck and refuel, or bail out. I had several goals in mind, the major one being to ride longer than 4 hrs, and feel good.

I set out on a loop that ended up being 18miles. I felt good for the first lap after starting the day with some good coffee and a meal replacement shake. In my bottles again is NUUN and Carb-Plus.

I rode up some of the hardest hills that I know of in Bent Creek. I was the first one in the parking lot, and didn't see anyone for a long time.

After 2 hrs of riding I headed back to the parking lot to refuel. Set out again with fresh bottles and feeling good. 26 miles into the day and a small wave of nausea hit. Knowing what was coming next if I kept riding I stopped, checked my bottles and realized that I had taken in about 150 calories in the past hour, when I should have doubled that. So, ate some stuff, and rode slowly for 15 minutes until I felt better. I made sure to take in what my body needed before I needed it for the rest of the day.

Back to the parking lot with 4 hrs and 38 miles, I loaded up and headed back out. It was getting hot, and I was getting bored. With no one there to cheer me on and encourage me to keep going, it was difficult.

Long day and after 5.5 hrs, I packed it up. I felt good, I felt like I could keep going.

Same thing as Saturday. I pondered a road ride, but wound up driving to the Mills River Campground so I could ride out 1206 and up some trails.

I started up Laurel feeling tired but excited about the day. I was the first one in the parking lot and on the trail again and would be out there alone all morning. Laurel is a cool trail that follows the contours of the ridge line all the way up to Pisgah Inn. Eventually I wound up on Pilot Cove loop and on top of a great lookout spot.

I for a few minutes to bask in the wilderness.

I headed back to the car, to the campground to pick Jubal up. Went home, took a nap, waited for Rhonda to get home. Then had some fun family time.

Slatey Creek:

Laurel Mtn Trail:

Off of Laurel Mtn:

Some dude:


Have a great day!!

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Friday, September 05, 2008

That Hurt

The ride last night did not go as planned. I felt like sleeping the entire 16 mile ride, and my legs felt like dead weight. I had trouble getting up to speed even on flats. Weird. I am trying to figure out what happened, and why I felt so sluggish.

The final trip to the dentist for a cleaning probably drained some energy. I also cut the grass on Wednesday, which worked some muscle groups differently. It's hard to tell.

Hopefully, I will recover and be able to put in a long ride on Saturday!!

Have a great day.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Bent Creek Thursday

BC ride tonight. I have been mulling over last monday's ride and wishing that I could form a 25 mile loop instead of 20, have it be continuous and challenging, using as much single track as possible, yet not having to cover the same ground twice. I think I have it figured out and will try it tonight!!

Then a long ride Saturday...

Have a great day.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Honda Accord For Sale

$2500 is the current price. Great condition, new radiator, good tires, new rear brakes, new distributor and gasket, regular oil changes, 250K, still runs great,

Mission Accomplished

So, Rhonda's grandmother has some eye issues and is no longer allowed to drive. She decided she wanted to give us her mini-van. What a selfless thing to do. Thanks!!!
Our 1997 Honda Accord is for sale, it has 250,000 miles on it. We have had it for ten years and drove it to the following states: NC, GA, SC, VA, WV, MD, PA, NJ, NY, CT MA, RI, ME, VT, NH, OH, KY, TN, AL, MS, AK, LA, TX, OK, CO, NM, AZ, UT, NV, CA. 30 states!!! I think we managed to keep it out of Florida, so that should help the resale value.
Now, we need to make some forays in to the north west US!!! Sounds like a plan.
Have a great day.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to Work

After a long weekend, long with an extra day and long with working hard.

Rhonda and Jubal are back from the secret mission to Roanoke. Mission accomplished, pictures later, good job honey bunny!!!

Have a great day.

Monday, September 01, 2008


I had planned to wake up early to get a long ride in today. When the alarm went off at 5am, I changed it to 6am, then got out of bed at 7am. That's cool. I get loaded up and head out. I picked up some ice for the cooler, and headed towards Bent Creek. My plan was to push past the 3-4 hour mark and test my new nutrition advice, courtesy of Namrita. She is an endurance race, who is currently looking for sponsorship. After some e-mails about what I am doing nutrition wise, she gave me some recommendations. It turns out that according to what she said, I am taking in half the amount of sodium that my body needs.

So, my goal today was to find out. I got to the parking lot and got dressed. It was only 70 but felt like 80 with the humidity. "Good, I hope it gets hotter", I said to myself. I got started and did a 20 mile route, then looped back to the car to fill up my water bottles. I felt good at this point and was taking it easy. For breakfast, I had a meal replacement shake, and on the trail I had one GU, half of a Gatorade bar, and two 24oz bottles of Nuun/ Carb-Plus.

At the car I filled my bottles up with Nuun/Carb-Plus, and drank another 16oz meal replacement shake, then hit the trail again. I wanted to find a 25 mile loop instead of 20. I also picked two of the hardest climbs in Bent Creek to add to the challenge. I had another Gu, and then half of a Gatorade bar. After 3.5 hours on the trail it started to rain, then started to pour. All I needed now would be some lightning. It never came. I debated riding another loop, but wasn't sure if the rain would let up. Not wanting to ride on the trails in the rain, and encourage poor trail etiquette, I packed up and headed home.

Observations: I felt good the entire time, I got hungry rather than nauseous about two times, I felt like I could keep going at that pace. Maybe, just maybe, I have found the trail to my nutritional nirvana!!!

Have a great day