Monday, February 13, 2017

Pisgah Photo Barrage

 I started the weekend off right, by connecting with Kevin to take my up Stoney Fork for my first time.  Such a beautiful area.  Such a tough climb.  Getting to the FS gravel road is just about as hard as the road itself!  

 After winding around and over 2 mountain ridges, we entered the town of Dillingham. A stark reminder that not everyone in the area has a good life. 
 Seasonal businesses that might never re-open. 

 And then the climb,  lots of time to get lost in the pedal stroke.

 Finally at the top.
 Rewarded with great view on the return trip down the Parkway!

Sunday I hit the trail on the mountain bike for a  Laurel/Pilot/Pilot Cove loop. 

 Nothing like some hike a bike.