Monday, June 12, 2017

Blue Ridge Epic: First Finisher

Congrats to Angie Baker who came all the way from California.  She is the first person ever to complete the entire Blue Ridge Epic,  a 245 mile loop in Western North Carolina.

She completed the loop in about 2.5 days and as wrote in the description, got a taste of back country Appalachia!

Being the first to complete the loop using the cues created by Ride with GPS, she was lucky enough to be the guinea pig and work out some kinks.  Thanks for doing that Angie. 

As soon as I figure out how to add an alternate route to the map, I will be doing that so folks have the option of avoiding the thigh deep river crossing, and the chest deep field of poison ivy!

Angie's attitude was nothing but positive and I appreciate that.  When I checked in to her Spot tracker and realized she was having some navigational troubles, I felt terrible.  She claims she only hated me for a little while.   I think the beer at the finish smoothed things over.  

I asked her if she enjoyed the route, if it was worth the trip and would other people enjoy it.  She said something like:" Only if you enjoy waterfalls and beautiful scenery"!! 

Who is next?