Monday, September 21, 2015

Oakley Swings

Momentum is growing. We are now at $6981. Click below to donate now! Thanks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oakley Swings

$320  donated to date.

Consider this:
 Besides being an enjoyable activity for children, research supports that swinging is very beneficial for physical, social, and cognitive development for children and can also be used in therapeutic situations. Physically, children develop gross motor skills, including locomotion, balancing, and body coordination, as they run and jump into swings, push others, develop pumping motions, and jump out of the swings. They also develop fine motor skills including hand, arm, and finger coordination, grip strength, and circling motions of their arms and legs.
“Function and Value of Swings: The Benefits of Playground Swings.”

We are up to $300 now.  Keep spreading the word.  How awesome would it be if we reached our goal by Christmas?  I say freaking awesome!!!

One week into the Oakley Swings fundraiser and we are already on a roll.   $160 raise so far and word is just getting out.   Don't miss your chance to be a part of this project!!

Join on Facebook and spread the word:

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Smells Like Another DNF

Soooo,   Monster Cross rolled around again and I felt ready.  Tuesday I took a 40 mile ride with Jason L and felt great.  Tuesday night the crap hit the fan....

I couldn't sleep.  I've been working on a project and I was running into roadblocks.  I was getting frustrated that I couldn't move forward and could not understand what the problem was. 

On top of that,  the stress of helping the kid start middle school added up and add in other general life problems and BAM.  Suddenly, I was losing my appetite and losing sleep. 

And then Friday evening, my body responded by shutting down.  I was in the bed by 6pm, unable to eat.  I finally a little bit of mac n cheese around 8pm and hoped that going to bed and sleeping would help me feel better. 

5:45 am,  the alarm went off.  I went back to sleep and woke up at 6:05am.  I decided to get up and give it a go.  As I quietly got the bike and food for the day ready, I wished that I had slept in.  But, it was early, and I always feel like crap in the morning.  I got some coffee and tried to eat,  managing to get half a bagel down.  I just wasn't hungry. 

I hoped that as the ride went on, I would start to feel better.  That's why I drove out and lined up at the start.  I rolled out and kept hoping for the best.  I was on my single speed, so the long ride out the pavement was boring.  My legs felt good when I finally got on the gravel and up to Gloucester Gap.  I had high hopes as I coasted down the other side and then pedaled to Hwy 215.   But, the spark was not there.  And I was having trouble eating, feeling nauseous.  Not good. 

I pedaled up until the pavement started to turn up and I stopped.   I knew what was ahead and I knew what I was capable of.  I could continue on,  I could drive myself into a hole.... etc.  Or I could turn around and go home.  

DNF is never easy, but it was the right thing to do.  It wasn't like I just got a flat and lost the lead group.  If I had continued on, I would have driven myself into the ground. 

I chose home and the upside was spending time with my family, no regrets. 

As I unloaded my bike from the SAG vehicle, and started the "walk of shame" to the timing tent to report my DNF, Eric Wever walked up to me,  shook my hand, looked me in the eye and said: "  Welcome home, beer is in the cooler, burritos on the way".

A perfect ending to an imperfect ride.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Bring Back The Oakley Swings

In the Spring of 2015, Oakley Elementary won a grant to build a playground.  The grant was funded by Blue Cross Blue Shield.  One of the unfortunate grant stipulations was that all of the old playground equipment had to be removed from the school grounds.  This included a large 3 bay, 6 swing swing set.

Everyone I talk to misses the swings.

During the process last year,  a few of us committed to raise the funds and install a new swing set to finish out the new playground.  

We have to install a "Commercial" set which drives the cost higher, and also install a border to hold mulch that has to be 12 inches deep, over 2400 sq feet.

The $10,000 needed for the build seems high at first, but to us it is worth it.   After seeing so many new families out using the playground this summer,  seeing people making friends, and seeing kids outside, away from electronics,  the swing set becomes priceless.

I'm sure you know what is coming next:  We need you to Donate!

Our fundraising page is here:

And if you want to spead the word on Facebook:

Please help with whatever you can and continue making Oakley an amazing neighborhood! 

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Just another day in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Gravel Crushin'

I'm running low on time and written creativity.  This might turn into a photo blog for now.

Enjoy the ride.