Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finally Thursday!!

I look forward to Thursdays. Thursday has a lot of meaning for me. It means that I only have one more day until the weekend. It means that I can sleep in a little because I drive to work. It means that I get to take my kid to school and hang out with him on the way there. It also means that after work I buzz over to Bent Creek Experimental Forest for some mtn bike riding.

It will be dark when I get there tonight. Dark and cold. I have been meeting up with some folks from Bio Wheels, a local bike shop. They are a fun group to hang out with and some really good riders. In the summer I will ride for 2-3 hours on my Thursday night ride, but this time of year it is more 1-2 hours. In January, I will add more mileage due to training needs, and I like to be out there.

Riding at night is very different from day time , obviously. At night, shadows jump out and strange voices are heard. There are no sights to see other than what is directly in front. Some say that the hills are easier because you can't see them.

I took Jubal to school this morning. Some days he likes to go the way mommy goes. On the interstate. Other days, he likes to go the other way. Today was an other way day. There are usually cows in the fields at Warren Wilson College. They have an active farm and raise cattle, and grow veggies. Pretty cool place. Warren Wilson is also on one of my bicycle commuting routes.

Today there were some giant cows right beside the driveway. So, after we almost got rear ended, I pulled over so we could watch them chew there cud. As I mentioned before, I like Thursdays.

And to quote Jubal: " Some cows have udders!!!"


Beth said...

So, I think it is a shame that ya'll live like the next street away for about 4 months and I still have not seen ya'll. . . going to call ya'll one of these days when I'm in the neighbor walking.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I had "udders"...ok, not really