Monday, November 19, 2007

Goin' Through the Motions..

Today's ride to work was one of those days. Have you ever felt like that? For whatever reason, you put it in cruise control and just get through it. Yesterday's ride took it out of me. So I just got an easy cadence going and cruised in to work. It didn't take too much longer to get there, and I barely broke a sweat.

Goin' through the motions is sometimes what it takes to make it through a difficult time in life. As an endurance athlete, it could mean the difference between finishing and not finishing. Life is like that a lot of times. Just getting through one more day of work, one more meal, one more whatever it is you do everyday.

But guess what? This is fine. For a short time. In cycling we call it recovery. An easy ride the day after a hard ride. It keeps the muscles loose, and helps with the muscle memory. Tomorrow I will take a day off the bike, then on Wednesday, I should be recovered and ready to rip it up again.

Are you having a rough day, week, year? Do what you need to do. Go for a recovery ride, then come back fresh and ready to rip it up.

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Beth Ensminger said...

Hey.... I am so enjoying reading ya'lls blogs. . .. . Stephen will ya'll keep me in your prayers. . . I am trying to hard to slow down in my life and do just that recover. . . both personally and professionally....the slowing down is so hard sometimes though. :)